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Blog: What’s Your Why? Celebrating ICIC’s 30 Years of Impact


What’s Mouji Boulanger’s Why? Access


Mouji Boulanger is the founder and president of Create, Enjoy, Inspire, Inc. (CEI), a woman-owned construction company based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Boulanger focuses on building people first and then building the business. CEI helps tradespeople without college degrees advance into leadership roles in project management and superintendent positions. Her commitment to her mission and her community has led to the success of her business. CEI's four-year growth rate of 3,719.70% earned the company the number two ranking in its debut appearance on ICIC's Inner City 100 Awards list in 2023. While attending the awards ceremony, Boulanger was elated to find that she had finally found her community of like-minded business people. Her story is a testament to the fact that success comes when you focus on building relationships, helping people grow, and working towards a greater purpose. Read More


DMC Group: Building a Better Tomorrow


DMC Group, under the leadership of Mike Chaudhary and his son Yash, embodies a mission-driven approach to building a better tomorrow. Beginning as a demolition company in Detroit, DMC has blossomed into a significant player in the construction and development industry, aspiring to become Michigan's largest minority general contractor. With a foundation built on integrity, strong building practices, and respect for clients and partners, DMC has expanded its services to include site development, housing, and mixed-use projects, boasting revenues between $25-$30 million. This family-owned business, deeply rooted in personal values and professional excellence, has earned its place in the IC100 Hall of Fame by winning the Inner City 100 award five times, a testament to its impact on economic revitalization and employment in under-resourced communities. DMC's commitment extends beyond business achievements to environmental stewardship, community outreach, and providing second-chance employment opportunities, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to contributing positively to society and setting a legacy for future generations. Read More


What’s Chef Farrell’s Why? Creative Freedom: Finding Joy and Purpose in the Culinary Arts


Chef Saidah Farrell is the founder, CEO, and owner of Olivia Rose Confections, best known for their Marshmallow of the Month Club subscription box. The box is described as a s’more survival kit and includes chocolate bars, a house-made gourmet hot chocolate mix, freshly baked graham crackers, and the marshmallow of the month. Made from the freshest ingredients, Farrell has crafted 50 different flavors of these artisan marshmallows, spanning from traditional favorites like lemon, chocolate, and strawberry to decadent combinations like butter brandy, ginger cinnamon peach, and raspberry lime prosecco. Motivated by a desire to maintain creative freedom, the success that Chef Farrell has experienced over the last decade is the result of an unrelenting positive attitude and a willingness to learn, pivot, and adapt. A graduate of the Goldman Sachs One Million Black Women: Black in Business and the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses programs, Farrell’s journey is a testament to the power of resilience and a supportive community. Read More


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