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DMC Group: Building a Better Tomorrow


DMC Group, under the leadership of Mike Chaudhary and his son Yash, embodies a mission-driven approach to building a better tomorrow. Beginning as a demolition company in Detroit, DMC has blossomed into a significant player in the construction and development industry, aspiring to become Michigan's largest minority general contractor. With a foundation built on integrity, strong building practices, and respect for clients and partners, DMC has expanded its services to include site development, housing, and mixed-use projects, boasting revenues between $25-$30 million. This family-owned business, deeply rooted in personal values and professional excellence, has earned its place in the IC100 Hall of Fame by winning the Inner City 100 award five times, a testament to its impact on economic revitalization and employment in under-resourced communities. DMC's commitment extends beyond business achievements to environmental stewardship, community outreach, and providing second-chance employment opportunities, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to contributing positively to society and setting a legacy for future generations. Read More


Detroit revitalizes neighborhoods with green infrastructure and workforce training


Detroit’s underground sewer and water infrastructure is inhibited by aging and a lack of routine maintenance, yet rebuilding it would cost millions, or even billions, in funding that the city cannot afford. Instead, Detroit, like many other cities interested in resiliency and climate change, is turning to a more sustainable approach: the integration of “green infrastructure.” Read More


Expanding Opportunity through Inclusive Entrepreneurship: Detroit Startup Week Recap


On May 23rd, ICIC released our newest report, Creating Inclusive High-Tech Incubators and Accelerators: Strategies to Increase Participation Rates of Women and Minority Entrepreneurs, in partnership with JPMorgan Chase and Co., at a panel called Expanding Opportunity through Inclusive Entrepreneurship at Detroit Startup Week. The following is a summary of the panel's conversation. Read More


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