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Scooping Up Success


Haydee Gomez's journey from working in a gelato shop to owning her own successful frozen dessert manufacturing company, Bosco Frozen Desserts, is a story of passion, determination, and innovation. After moving from Venezuela to Canada, she discovered her love for gelato and eventually pursued her dream of owning a gelateria. Alongside her brother, Ezequiel, she founded Gelato Gourmet and rapidly expanded the business through hard work and resilience. Despite the challenges posed by the 2020 pandemic, Haydee pivoted the business model and successfully launched Bosco Frozen Desserts, which has since become a renowned local artisan frozen dessert manufacturer. Haydee's commitment to continuous learning and growth led her to participate in Santander's Cultivate Small Business program, providing her with valuable knowledge and resources. Looking ahead, the Gomez siblings are set to introduce a new product line featuring nostalgic flavors inspired by their Venezuelan roots as they continue to innovate and grow Bosco Frozen Desserts. Read More


Connectivity: A New Place-Based Strategy for Distressed Communities

Howard Wial and Christiana McFarland

Regional economic connectivity is an economic, workforce, and community development strategy that focuses on industry clusters that are thriving in the broader region and establishing them within under-resourced communities (URCs). To better understand how well and under which circumstances distressed communities benefit from regional economic connectivity, ICIC and SRI examined geographic patterns of industry cluster employment in 181 metropolitan areas using a combination of data analysis and case study evidence. The result of this study is the new report Regional Economic Connectivity: A Strategy to Build Opportunity in Distressed Communities. Findings in the report indicate that URC economic connectivity is more prevalent in small and medium-sized metropolitan areas, suburban URCs, clusters that are highly specialized regionally, manufacturing-based clusters, clusters with low educational requirements for entry-level workers, and lower-wage clusters. The report also indicates a significant opportunity for economic developers and their partners to target asset development and other strategic investments to grow regionally strong clusters in URCs. Read More


Conference Inspiration: Josue Velney of Velney Construction and Development


Steve Grossman, CEO of ICIC, shared an inspirational journey during the kickoff of ICIC’s Annual Conference in Miami on December 12, 2023. Josue Velney, CEO of Velney Development, LLC, a participant in the 2023 Boston ICCC cohort, is a former Marine turned real estate developer, who exemplifies ICIC's mission of fostering inclusive economic prosperity and job creation in under-resourced communities. Josue’s military background influences his leadership in real estate and the challenges he and other entrepreneurs navigate, including high interest rates and societal issues. ICIC's conference theme, "Reflect, Reunite, Renew," reflects Josue's commitment to community renewal. The collective strength and potential within under-resourced communities, highlighted through entrepreneurial journeys such as Josue’s inspire a shared vision of economic empowerment and sustainable growth. Read the full article to learn about Josue Velney's impactful role and resilience. Read More


ICAN Advisory Board Spotlight: Tissini, Sion Tesone


Mr. Tesone’s personal mission is to empower Hispanic women by creating sustainable, for-profit, social enterprises. In 2015, Mr. Tesone founded TISSINI, his second national platform company focused on offering US Hispanic women the opportunity to earn extra income via a simple social selling model. Says Mr. Tesone, “I am convinced that ... Read More


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