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The 2020 ICCC Holiday Gift Guide is Here


2020 was an extremely difficult year for our small business community, however, the holidays present an opportunity for us to support those entrepreneurs who displayed tremendous amounts of strength and resilience as they survived the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, 1,220 small businesses from 16 cohorts across the country participated in ... Read More


President-elect Biden’s Community Development Agenda

Howard Wial, Senior Vice President and Director of Research, ICIC

By Howard Wial, Senior Vice President and Director of Research, Initiative for a Competitive Inner City, November 2020 The development of under-resourced communities and communities of color is a moral and economic imperative.  It is a moral imperative because systemic racism and concentrated poverty impede the ability of community members to ... Read More


WATCH Stories of Resilience: Jamaica Mi Hungry


This story is the third in a series of Stories of Resilience that demonstrate the generosity, creativity and community-building spirit that countless ICIC alumni have shown during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jamaica Mi Hungry is an extremely popular food truck and restaurant business based in Boston, MA. The restaurant is owned by chef ... Read More

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