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ICCC New Jersey: Governor Murphy’s Leadership Drives Successful Partnerships


The Inner City Capital Connections (ICCC) program in New Jersey has achieved significant success by forging partnerships with key stakeholders. Governor Phil Murphy's endorsement and support, along with collaborations with organizations like Santander Bank and the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA), have driven a 40% increase in attendance for the program, making it the largest in-person gathering in several years. These partnerships aim to empower women and minority small business owners, aligning with the program's mission to provide valuable executive leadership training and resources for sustainable growth. ICCC plans to expand its successful model to other states in the future, focusing on innovative programming to support small businesses. Read More


Chandler Honey: Crafting Sweet Success as an ICCC-Pizza Hut Equal Slice Grant Recipient


Tique Chandler's story is a remarkable example of how tradition, innovation, and resilience can come together. She grew up on her family's beekeeping farm in Scandia, Alberta, and has now become the founder and CEO of Chandler Honey. Tique was recently awarded the 2022 ICCC-Pizza Hut Equal Slice grant, which she is using to improve production processes and expand sales. Read More


Filling the Gap: KFC Grant Awards $30,000 to Bring Bandages for Brown and Black Skin to the Canadian Market


Tianna McFarlane, founder of Heal in Colour, is a 2022 ICCC-KFC Recipe for Success Mini-MBA grant winner. She used the funds to help advance her mission of bringing adhesive bandages for people with black and brown skin to the Canadian market and beyond. Read More


A Recipe for Success: ICCC-KFC Grant Winner Promotes Inclusion and Belonging in Rural Canada


Bizzybody Enterprises is a beacon of hope for entrepreneurs, innovators, leaders, and reinventors from Northern, Indigenous, and New Canadian communities. Its founder, Jocelyn Eisert, shares the story behind the birth of her business and how it transformed into a significant cornerstone of the community. In 2022, Jocelyn was awarded a $30,000 CAD grant from the ICCC-KFC Recipe for Success Mini-MBA Program in recognition of her exceptional contributions. This grant solidifies Bizzybody's steadfast dedication to uplifting the community. Read More


Get Ready to Fight the Coming Battle Against Supplier Diversity

Beverly Norman-Cooper

Beverly Norman-Cooper, former Executive Director of Supplier Diversity and Sustainability at Kaiser Permanente, shares her background and history which fed her desire to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her work at Kaiser Permanente contributed to many businesses being offered opportunities based on their merits and capabilities. She continues to push for change and find ways to encourage businesses to get involved in change for good. She shares her thoughts on the recent Supreme Court ruling that ended affirmative action in college admissions and the implications for workplace diversity, philanthropy, and supplier diversity. She offers practical suggestions for businesses on ways to engage and promote diversity. Read More


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