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Navigating Entrepreneurial Perseverance and Success: Diana Villegas and Nova Driving School


Diana Villegas's entrepreneurial journey is a testament to perseverance, innovation, and a strong commitment to community impact. Founded by her parents in 2003, Nova Driving School has flourished under Diana's leadership, now boasting a fleet of 60 vehicles with advanced technology for driving education. Diana's resilience and work ethic, shaped by her mother's diverse business pursuits in Ecuador, drive her success. Nova Driving School stands out not only for its quality and safety but also for its dedication to making a positive impact on the community. Through partnerships and initiatives like donating to organizations and engaging with underprivileged communities, Nova has experienced significant growth. Participating in programs like the ICCC Latinx cohort has further enriched Diana's insights, emphasizing the importance of self-motivation and employee support. Nova Driving School's accolades, including the Inner City 100 award and Inc. 5000 recognition, showcase its remarkable success and commitment to community engagement. As Nova continues to grow, Diana's unwavering dedication to giving back remains a guiding force for the future. Read More


ICAN Steering Committees: How Alumni Entrepreneurs Are Driving Inclusive Growth and Community Empowerment


ICAN, a testament to the success of supporting businesses in underserved communities, exemplifies the transformative impact of ICIC. Quentella Enty and T.J. Douglas, alumni of various ICIC programs, now serve as ICAN steering committee members - expert advisors, mentors, and collaborators for businesses needing additional support to thrive in today's dynamic economic landscape. Enty, Vice President of KFA Inc. and member of ICAN’s Chicago Steering Committee, emphasizes the importance of scaling businesses that are the backbone of the American economy, creating jobs, and advocating for communities. Douglas, founder of The Urban Grape and member of the Boston ICAN Steering Committee, shares his journey of building a successful retail and e-commerce enterprise, leveraging ICIC programs like Inner City Capital Connections (ICCC). Both Enty and Douglas actively contribute to ICAN, fostering a network of empowered business leaders facing similar challenges and promoting inclusive economic growth and community empowerment. Read More


Chicago business owner empowers other women to follow in her footsteps


The Bank of America Global Ambassadors event in held in September in Chicago supported the advancement of women’s leadership and economic empowerment. It featured a diverse group of leading women executives and other powerful voices in entrepreneurship and business, including Stephanie Hickman, President and CEO of Chicago-based Trice Construction Company and an alumna of the Inner City Capital Connections (ICCC) program. Read More


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