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Conference Inspiration: Josue Velney of Velney Construction and Development


Steve Grossman, CEO of ICIC, shared an inspirational journey during the kickoff of ICIC’s Annual Conference in Miami on December 12, 2023. Josue Velney, CEO of Velney Development, LLC, a participant in the 2023 Boston ICCC cohort, is a former Marine turned real estate developer, who exemplifies ICIC's mission of fostering inclusive economic prosperity and job creation in under-resourced communities. Josue’s military background influences his leadership in real estate and the challenges he and other entrepreneurs navigate, including high interest rates and societal issues. ICIC's conference theme, "Reflect, Reunite, Renew," reflects Josue's commitment to community renewal. The collective strength and potential within under-resourced communities, highlighted through entrepreneurial journeys such as Josue’s inspire a shared vision of economic empowerment and sustainable growth. Read the full article to learn about Josue Velney's impactful role and resilience. Read More


ICIC Joins Forces with Local Leaders in Boston’s Supplier Diversity Compact for Economic Growth


On October 30, 2023, Mayor Wu and eight local economic development leaders, including ICIC, signed the Compact to Build Local Economic Growth, marking a groundbreaking initiative for Boston's economic development. This transformative compact signifies the City of Boston's commitment, in collaboration with partners like ICIC, to elevate awareness, engagement, and opportunities for local minority-owned enterprises, woman-led businesses, veteran-owned businesses, and LGBTQ+-owned businesses. Beyond business transactions, the Compact underscores the profound community benefits of supplier diversity, emphasizing economic resilience, empowerment, and the creation of a more inclusive and thriving environment. The Compact's strategic principles, ranging from awareness and certification to engagement, policy, and transparency, set the stage for a future where diverse businesses contribute significantly to Boston's economic growth. ICIC, proud to be among the participating organizations, reinforces our dedication to fostering economic growth, creating generational wealth, and offering opportunities for local businesses. As the City and its partners implement the outlined principles, a more inclusive, diverse, and economically vibrant future is on the horizon. Read More


ICAN Steering Committees: How Alumni Entrepreneurs Are Driving Inclusive Growth and Community Empowerment


ICAN, a testament to the success of supporting businesses in underserved communities, exemplifies the transformative impact of ICIC. Quentella Enty and T.J. Douglas, alumni of various ICIC programs, now serve as ICAN steering committee members - expert advisors, mentors, and collaborators for businesses needing additional support to thrive in today's dynamic economic landscape. Enty, Vice President of KFA Inc. and member of ICAN’s Chicago Steering Committee, emphasizes the importance of scaling businesses that are the backbone of the American economy, creating jobs, and advocating for communities. Douglas, founder of The Urban Grape and member of the Boston ICAN Steering Committee, shares his journey of building a successful retail and e-commerce enterprise, leveraging ICIC programs like Inner City Capital Connections (ICCC). Both Enty and Douglas actively contribute to ICAN, fostering a network of empowered business leaders facing similar challenges and promoting inclusive economic growth and community empowerment. Read More


Celebrating Women’s History Month with ICIC Board Member, Jennifer Pinck  


Jennifer Pinck, Boston ABC, MBA, MCPPO, is a living legend in the construction industry. She was one of the first women to enter the field, working in the building trades in the late 1970s and as a field engineer and construction superintendent on commercial projects and historic renovations in the early to mid-80s. She earned an MBA from Simmons Graduate School of Management in 1986, the same year she received an ABC Boston Building License – becoming the first woman in Massachusetts to do so. Read More


ICIC Announces Partnership with Forward Financing


Forward Financing offers its customers $1,000 if they complete ICIC’s small business educational programs The Initiative for a Competitive Inner City and Forward Financing, a Boston-based financial technology (fintech) company, have formed a new partnership to further expand the financial opportunity Forward Financing offers their customers, including tuition-free business education programs. As ... Read More


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