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Empowering Canadian Entrepreneurs: The Impact of Pizza Hut’s Equal Slice Program


Pizza Hut Canada, in collaboration with the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC), is making significant strides in empowering Canadian entrepreneurs through the Equal Slice Program. As a part of YUM’s Unlocking Opportunity Initiative, this partnership offers free education, mentorship, and grants to small business owners from underrepresented communities across Canada through the Inner City Capital Connections (ICCC) program. The Equal Slice Program allows participants to compete for $20,000 CAD grants aimed at fueling the growth and scalability of their businesses. Pizza Hut Canada's General Manager, Lauren Leahy, emphasizes the commitment to providing access to capital, coaching, and education through this initiative, fostering an ecosystem of fair opportunities. The program's impact is evident in the success stories of 2022 grant recipients, including Carolyn Simon of Choose Life Foods, Tique Chandler of Chandler Honey, Dodie Ellenbogen of County Bounty Artisanal Soda Co., Susan Keast of Resources Ink, and Danielle Murrell Cox of Zuri & Dre. In collaboration with ICIC, Pizza Hut Canada continues to be a driving force behind the growth and resilience of small businesses, embodying a shared vision for inclusive economic growth and community empowerment. Read More


Chandler Honey: Crafting Sweet Success as an ICCC-Pizza Hut Equal Slice Grant Recipient


Tique Chandler's story is a remarkable example of how tradition, innovation, and resilience can come together. She grew up on her family's beekeeping farm in Scandia, Alberta, and has now become the founder and CEO of Chandler Honey. Tique was recently awarded the 2022 ICCC-Pizza Hut Equal Slice grant, which she is using to improve production processes and expand sales. Read More


Filling the Gap: KFC Grant Awards $30,000 to Bring Bandages for Brown and Black Skin to the Canadian Market


Tianna McFarlane, founder of Heal in Colour, is a 2022 ICCC-KFC Recipe for Success Mini-MBA grant winner. She used the funds to help advance her mission of bringing adhesive bandages for people with black and brown skin to the Canadian market and beyond. Read More


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