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Connectivity: A New Place-Based Strategy for Distressed Communities

Howard Wial and Christiana McFarland

Regional economic connectivity is an economic, workforce, and community development strategy that focuses on industry clusters that are thriving in the broader region and establishing them within under-resourced communities (URCs). To better understand how well and under which circumstances distressed communities benefit from regional economic connectivity, ICIC and SRI examined geographic patterns of industry cluster employment in 181 metropolitan areas using a combination of data analysis and case study evidence. The result of this study is the new report Regional Economic Connectivity: A Strategy to Build Opportunity in Distressed Communities. Findings in the report indicate that URC economic connectivity is more prevalent in small and medium-sized metropolitan areas, suburban URCs, clusters that are highly specialized regionally, manufacturing-based clusters, clusters with low educational requirements for entry-level workers, and lower-wage clusters. The report also indicates a significant opportunity for economic developers and their partners to target asset development and other strategic investments to grow regionally strong clusters in URCs. Read More


ICIC’s Research: A Catalyst for Change in Diversifying Real Estate Development


ICIC's recent research has emerged as a catalyst for change in diversifying real estate development, shedding light on the stark underrepresentation of Black and Hispanic developers who collectively make up less than 1% of private developers nationwide. The groundbreaking report, "Breaking the Glass Bottleneck," quantifies this representation crisis and emphasizes the pivotal role of access to public and private resources for the growth of developers of color. The research has not only unveiled disparities but has also influenced policies and initiatives, including the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Emerging Developer Report, which identifies key opportunities and challenges faced by developers of color. As the industry grapples with challenges, ICIC's research stands as a guiding force toward positive transformation and equitable opportunities in real estate development. Read More


Searching for the Golden Mountain

Devon Yee, ICIC

Asian poverty is often overlooked. The model minority myth describes Asian Americans as uniformly affluent and educated. Yet many Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) groups have high poverty levels. Treating Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders as one uniform group fails to recognize the diversity in poverty rates among ethnic groups and ignores the many AAPI groups in which poverty is a major problem. Read More


Innovative Prison Entrepreneurship Program is Creating Wealth & Reducing Recidivism Among Formerly Incarcerated

Austin Nijhuis and Peter Eberhardt

In 2016, over 626,000 individuals in the U.S. were released from state or federal prisons. Often released with nothing more than a bus ticket and a check for less than $200, the formerly incarcerated face serious economic challenges. They struggle securing necessities such as housing and transportation, let alone finding employment. Employers are often unwilling to hire individuals with criminal records and the jobs that are available often pay them lower wages. Read More


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