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Blog: 10000 Small Businesses


Breaking Up the Boys Club at Baker Creative


“I think that you’ve got to meet people halfway and if you don’t invest in them, how are you going to expect them to invest back?” says Michele Cuthbert. Cuthbert is talking about the encouraging environment she strives to cultivate at Baker Creative, her successful brand strategy and marketing firm based ... Read More


Highlighting Indigenous-owned small businesses you can support today (and every day)


Indigenous Peoples’ Day is celebrated on the second Monday of October and November is Native American Heritage Month. This time recognizes and honors Indigenous, Native American, Native Hawaiian, and Native Alaskan communities, and the contributions of these communities and small businesses to every aspect of our society. According to the U.S. Census ... Read More


WATCH Stories of Resilience: Saigon Sisters & Demera


This story is the second in a series of Stories of Resilience that demonstrate the generosity, creativity and community-building spirit that countless ICIC alumni have shown during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mary Aregoni and Tigist Ruda are both graduates of Goldman Sach’s 10,000 Small Businesses Mary’s restaurant Saigon Sisters features food from her country of origin, ... Read More


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