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ICIC’s Research: A Catalyst for Change in Diversifying Real Estate Development


ICIC's recent research has emerged as a catalyst for change in diversifying real estate development, shedding light on the stark underrepresentation of Black and Hispanic developers who collectively make up less than 1% of private developers nationwide. The groundbreaking report, "Breaking the Glass Bottleneck," quantifies this representation crisis and emphasizes the pivotal role of access to public and private resources for the growth of developers of color. The research has not only unveiled disparities but has also influenced policies and initiatives, including the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Emerging Developer Report, which identifies key opportunities and challenges faced by developers of color. As the industry grapples with challenges, ICIC's research stands as a guiding force toward positive transformation and equitable opportunities in real estate development. Read More


What It Will Take for Opportunity Zones to Create Real Opportunity in America’s Economically Distressed Areas

Written by Howard Wial, ICIC

The Opportunity Zone program is the nation’s latest public policy attempt to encourage private investment in America’s economically distressed areas. In his policy brief, ICIC Senior Vice President and Director of Research Howard Wial argues that Opportunity Zones will benefit distressed communities only if investors, local governments, community organizations, and other organizations with a stake in the economic progress of low-income communities abide by four fundamental principles to guide investments in the zones. Read More


The War on Poverty and a Battle Plan for Inner City Victory

Kim Zeuli

In 2014, Kim Zeuli was honored to speak at an inspiring convening of over 400 California leaders committed to tackling poverty in their communities. The Southern California Association of Governments and the Southern California Leadership Council organized The Fifty Years into the War on Poverty Summit to cultivate a broad coalition of stakeholders to help find solutions to poverty in their region. Read More


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