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Accelerating Profitable Growth for BIPOC- and Woman-Owned Construction Contractors 

Building for Growth (BFG) is a national, online tuition-free executive education program that helps BIPOC- and woman-owned construction contractors build capacity and develop sustainable growth strategies that position their businesses to increase revenues and profits. The BFG program launched its inaugural cohort in 2022, which served 54 construction businesses from 19 states. 91% of the businesses were BIPOC-owned and 53% were woman-owned.

The BFG program is led by Steve Lamar, Founder and CEO of Forward Planning & Solutions, who brings 20+ years of experience in supplier diversity, construction, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

In 2023, ICIC is running two BFG cohorts: a West Coast-focused cohort (April 25 start date) and a National cohort (July 25 start date).

BFG is now accepting applications and nominations for the 2023 program! Applications will remain open until all slots are filled.

Why Enroll in Building for Growth?

The BFG program will help you:

  • Build your backlog: hone your growth strategy and connect with a diverse group of general contractors and corporate purchasers of subcontracting services
  • Access capital: refine your pitch for capital and get direct input from bankers
  • Increase your bonding capacity: create and refine your bonding application with direct feedback from bonding experts

BFG Curriculum

The virtual program combines 18 online weekly classes, dedicated technical assistance, and long-term mentorship. The program comprehensively covers all key elements needed to be a successful construction firm.

To learn more about the program’s curriculum, please read our in-depth outline of the eight modules and what each participant can expect. Learn more.

What Makes BFG Unique?

As a participant in BFG, you will gain access to:

  • Partnerships: get broad exposure to industry partners, including financial and bonding institutions, municipalities, and large prime contractors
  • Peer-to-peer B2B networking: join a vibrant cohort of BIPOC- and woman-owned contractors to build and enhance your peer network
  • Individual experts/practitioners: classes will be taught by construction industry practitioners and experts in their respective fields (e.g. the bonding course will be taught by an agent from a surety company)
  • Technical assistance: apply practical solutions and growth strategies to your business in real-time


To be eligible for the BFG program, your company must be:

  • An independent, for-profit corporation in the construction industry
  • At least 51% BIPOC- and/or woman-owned
  • Have annual revenues of $1MM-$10MM and/or be on course to reach or exceed $2MM within the next 3 years

Nominate & Apply

BFG is running two cohorts in 2023:

  • Cohort 1 (West Coast-focused): April 25 start date
  • Cohort 2 (National cohort): July 25 start date

While Cohort 1 will focus principally on businesses headquartered on the West Coast, businesses from other geographies can apply to participate in this cohort as well. Cohort 2 will recruit businesses nationwide. 

BFG’s 2023 cohorts will be limited to ~50 businesses each, and applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until all seats are filled. We encourage you to apply early while openings remain.

Are you a business owner interested in participating in the BFG program? Start your application process by filling out our initial application.

Know of any businesses that are a good fit for the BFG program? Nominate them to participate.

Contact us

Have a question about Building for Growth? Contact us at or schedule an interest call here.


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