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Our partners are a vital part of the Inner City Capital Connections program. As a non-profit that operates across the US and Canada, the support of trusted and influential community members in our cohort locations is invaluable.

One of the most impactful ways you can engage with us is by nominating small businesses for ICCC.  The success of our program is enhanced by your ability to identify business owners who have an appetite for growth and the potential to strengthen their surrounding communities. 

Nominate Now

While nominating is an important facet of our partner relationships, there are many other ways to engage with ICCC. We care deeply about building strong relationships with our partners, and we want to work with you to find the most fulfilling ways to work together in support of small businesses in your area!

“This is a great opportunity for our members to grow through education and to connect with women and other small businesses. ICCC is a wonderful resource that we couldn’t provide without our partnership.” 

Pamela Williamson, President & CEO, WBEC-West, 2018 ICCC Los Angeles Nominator

How to Nominate

Nominating for the ICCC program is an impactful way to provide additional support and resources to your small business network. There are various ways to nominate businesses including:

  • Submitting a list of business owners with their contact information to ICCC
  • Hosting an Information Session for your network to share information about ICCC
  • Promoting the program via your social media channels

You can nominate business through our online Nomination Form, or by uploading your nominations to our Nomination Template and emailing it to

Nominator Toolkit

We’ve created Nominator Toolkits for each of our cohorts which includes our Nominator Process Packets, relevant email templates, social media graphics, and more to help you through the nomination process!

See our FAQ Page for some of the most frequently asked questions about nominating, and the various processes to help you nominate! For any other questions, contact the ICCC team at or (617) 238-3019.

Benefits of Engaging with ICCC

We are committed to fostering mutually beneficial relationships with all of our partners. We are so grateful for the support you give us in our endeavors, and we want to ensure that we are able to be equally supportive of yours. By engaging with ICCC, you’ll be able to:

  • Gain exposure and showcase your organization at our events, either through the acknowledgements we give to all of our partners or through presenting or sitting on a panel.
  • Provide additional support and resources to your small business network.
  • Receive nominations & referrals of ICCC alumni to your organization’s initiatives.
  • Have ICCC representatives promote and/or speak at your events.
  • Become a part of our robust international network.

Other Ways to Get Involved

There are a variety of ways you can get involved with ICCC to strengthen and support the small business community. We look forward to engaging with you!

Host A Webinar

ICCC Webinars are 30 to 60-minute-long virtual presentations offered to our participating small businesses to cover essential business topics. As expert practitioners in their fields, our partners are perfectly suited to provide real insights on what is needed for successful marketing, ecommerce, strategy execution, receiving government contracts, and more! Fill out a webinar presenter form here!

Become an ICCC Coach

One-on-One coaching is an invaluable way for our participants to get direct, personalized feedback on their business’s specific challenges and steer them towards sustainable growth. Volunteering as a capital and/or general business coach is a great way for our partners to directly influence our small business owners and build strong relationships with emerging businesses in their communities. Reach out to to express interest and get more information!

Speak at an ICCC Event

Attending an ICCC event as a presenter or panelist is a wonderful way for our partners to share their resources and expertise with our business owners. It is also a fantastic way to promote their organizations and connect with our larger ICIC network. Reach out to us at or (617) 238-3019 to learn more about how you can get involved!

Tell us About Your Events

We regularly promote external events to our ICCC participants, and we are most excited when we get to share the exciting opportunities that our partners have to offer. We also love finding ways to collaborate with and support our partners on your events. Reach out to us at or (617) 238-3019 to learn more about how you can get involved!

If you have any other ways in which you would like to engage with ICCC, let us know! We are always looking for innovative ways to engage with our partners.


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