BIPOC Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition

Interested in entrepreneurship through acquisition? Find out why now is the best time to buy an established small business.

BIPOC Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition (bETA) is an 8-week program designed to give BIPOC entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in Rhode Island the knowledge, tools, and access to the capital they need to acquire and run an already existing and successful small business.

Starting a business from scratch is hard. You have to validate your idea, raise funding, attract customers, build operations, and beat the daunting odds of a 90% failure rate. Buying a business allows you to shortcut all of this and make money on day one of becoming a business owner.

Applications are open for the second cohort that will be held September-December of 2023 and take place online and in-person in Atlanta, Georgia.

bETA Delivery

bETA is comprised of 10 modules offered in a combination of in-person and virtual weekly sessions.

Each Module will have participants get more in-depth knowledge about the process of acquiring a business – from finding a target, to what to look for in due diligence, to financing it and running it. Here is what is covered in each week:

  • ETA Bootcamp Understanding ETA, Search models, Why You, the ETA process
  • Valuation Valuation drivers, Financial Analysis, Deal Structuring
  • Due Diligence Financial Due Diligence, Operational due diligence, Confidential Information Memorandums (CIM) reviews
  • Acquisition process Finding a target, Making an offer, LOI, What to look for in a target
  • Getting to Close Financing, Negotiations, Structuring
  • Management of Small firms What to expect? P&L management, Cashflow management
  • Change Management What to do in the first 100 days
  • Starting your Search Introductions to Brokers


  • De-mystify the ETA process
  • Make you investor ready
  • Connect you with the right resources to make you successful

Key Takeaways:

  • Knowledge about the process and the steps involved
  • Tools to make you successful
  • Certificate of Completion

How to Participate

  1. Apply now. Applications for the Fall cohort in Atlanta, Georgia, are open through Sunday, August 20, 2023.

For additional program details, please visit the FAQs page or email Sonia Moin at


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