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There are many local and national resources entrepreneurs can leverage for growth, and it can often be hard to identify and connect with the right organizations to help address a business’s specific challenges. In the Fall of 2024, ICAN is launching a new resource designed to help ICIC alumni expand and strengthen their business’s support network, whether they’re looking for technical assistance, coaching, or access to capital. The ICAN Partner Referral System will connect ICIC alumni with local and national business support organizations in ICIC’s robust network of trusted ecosystem partners through personalized referrals.

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How Does it Work?
  1. Fill out a brief sign-up form to tell us what types of resources you’re interested in being connected with
  2. ICIC will match you with the organization(s) in our network that aligns with your needs (e.g. a local CDFI, a business advising organization, or an industry association)
  3. ICIC will share your contact information with the organization(s), and they will reach out to you personally with more information about the resources they offer and how you can take advantage of them when you’re ready – think of it as a “warm introduction”!

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Business Support Organizations in ICIC’s Ecosystem

Below are examples of the business support organizations in ICIC’s ecosystem.

This is a great opportunity for you to access the resources you need and strengthen your connections within the national and local small business ecosystem. All the organizations we collaborate with for referrals are trusted and valued partners of ICIC and will not use or share your information beyond the purposes of the referral.


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