Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching is a key element of the ICCC program designed to prepare participants to raise capital, address their business’s specific challenges, and steer them towards sustainable growth. ICCC partners with local and national organizations to provide coaching to meet business owners’ needs.

After the Opening Seminar, participants receive the ICCC Coaching Survey, which they must complete in order to sign up for and receive Individual Coaching. Depending on their coaching needs, participants can sign up for one or both of the following types of coaching:


Capital Coaching

This type of coaching is designed for participants who are actively seeking capital and want help perfecting their capital pitch deck. Based on their capital needs, participants are matched with one of our capital provider partners, which include commercial and small business bankers, equity investors, non-traditional lenders, and impact investors.

  • Pitch Deck: In order to receive Capital Coaching, participants must prepare and submit a pitch deck to ICCC.
  • Capital Coach: Participants are matched with a Capital Coach who will review their deck, offer feedback, and work with them to improve and refine it.
  • Pitch Review Session: Participants who complete Capital Coaching will be eligible to sign up for a pitch review session at the National Conference in November.
  • Format: Two 30-minute virtual coaching sessions with a Capital Coach.

 “My capital coaching experience went above and beyond my expectations. My coach was a subject matter expert, and he bulletproofed our pitch presentation. He was a resource that brought tremendous value to my company. He levelled the playing field for us.” Harmony Point ITC, 2018 ICCC Chicago Participant 

General Business Coaching

This type of coaching is designed for participants interested in coaching on topics other than the capital pitch (eg. marketing, business strategy, cash flow management, etc.). Participants will be introduced to a coach through one of our coaching partner organizations, which include national partners such as Pacific Community Ventures and SCORE, and local organizations such as chambers of commerce, SBDCs, CDCs, etc.

  • General Business Coach: Participants will be matched with a General Business Coach based on their coaching needs.
  • Format: Occurs virtually, and depending on the participant’s coaching needs can vary from short-term coaching on a specific topic to long-term general business mentorship.

 “My coach was great, he was very clear what his skill set is and where he can help me. He’s brought a couple of excellent viewpoints to the table that I wouldn’t have thought about. I am happy.” Chelette Enterprises, Inc., 2018 ICCC Los Angeles Participant

 “… It is great to have someone outside our company and industry as a sounding board for ideas and problems… I was introduced to Angel investor group and I am preparing to present to them. We are working on it together.” Step Ahead Solutions, 2018 ICCC Sacramento Participant 

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