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One-on One Coaching, which begins after the Opening Seminar, is a key element of the ICCC Program designed to help participants address their business’s specific challenges and steer them towards sustainable growth. ICCC partners closely with organizations in each city to provide One-on One Coaching to meet each business’s needs.

After the Opening Seminar, participants receive the ICCC Coaching Interest Form, which they must complete in order to sign up for and receive One-on One Coaching. Depending on their coaching needs, participants can sign up for one or both of the following types of coaching:

Capital Coaching

This type of coaching is designed for participants who are actively seeking capital and want help perfecting their capital pitch deck. Based on their capital needs, participants will be matched with one of our capital provider partners, which include commercial bankers, small business bankers, equity investors, non-traditional lenders, and impact investors.

  • Capital Worksheet: In order to receive Capital Coaching participants must prepare and submit a capital worksheet.
  • Pitch Deck: The ICCC team strongly encourages participants to prepare and submit a pitch deck. Please refer to our Pitch Deck Template and Pitch Deck Checklist & FAQ to help you prepare your pitch deck for submission.
  • Capital Coach: After submitting their Capital Worksheet and any additional documents, participants will be matched with a Capital Coach who will review their capital needs, offer feedback, and work with them to improve and refine their pitch for capital.
  • Format: Two 30-minute virtual coaching sessions with a Capital Coach.

For more details about Capital Coaching, please refer to our Capital Coaching Welcome Kit.

General Business Coaching

This type of coaching is designed for participants interested in coaching on topics other than the capital pitch (eg. marketing, business strategy, cash flow management, etc.). Participants will be introduced to a coach through one of our coaching partner organizations, which include national partners such as Pacific Community Ventures and SCORE, and local organizations such as chambers of commerce, SBDCs, CDCs, etc.

  • General Business Coach: Participants will be matched with a General Business Coach based on their coaching needs.
  • Format: Occurs virtually, and depending on the participant’s coaching needs can vary from short-term coaching on a specific topic to long-term general business mentorship.

“[My ICCC coach] has been FANTASTIC to work with and already provided so much value in helping me chart the future course of my company, Futurehaus. I’m incredibly thankful for the introduction, and look forward to integrating myself further into this wonderful community.”

Javier Otero, Futurehaus (ICCC Chicago 2021 Participant)

“A lot of times there’s an intimidation factor when you participate in coaching, but [my Capital Coach] made me feel extremely comfortable… He looked over my pitch deck prior to meeting with me and he had great points to help me improve it… I genuinely got the sense that he cared about me being successful. We struck up a fantastic relationship.” 

Craig Wafer, Wafer Insurance (Central California 2021 Participant)


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