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Does my company have to be profitable to be eligible?

No. The Inner City 100 (IC100) is determined solely by revenue growth; profitability is not a consideration. We will be using your reported revenue to calculate your growth rate.

My business’s revenue declined in 2019 or 2023. Does that disqualify my business or make it unwise to apply?

Not necessarily. We look at the overall four-year growth rate from 2019 to 2023 compared with that of the other IC100 applicants. Among last year’s IC100 winners, year-to-year declines were acceptable and common. However, your company should be reporting higher revenue numbers in 2023 than in 2019 to be considered. Companies with lower revenue in 2023 than in 2019 are not eligible for the award.

How does ICIC determine whether a business is located in an under-resourced community?

ICIC defines under-resourced communities as areas of concentrated poverty and low income within urban and suburban communities. When you submit the initial application, we will run your headquarters’ address to determine whether your company is located in an under-resourced community.

Application Process

What is the overall application process?
  1. Complete the initial application to determine whether your company meets the eligibility criteria by April 30.
    • Apply early in order to be eligible for the early application benefits and to ensure that you meet all deadlines.
    • If you do not have a final figure for your 2023 revenue when you fill out the initial application, you may enter an estimate and provide us with a more precise figure when you submit your verification materials.
  2. Complete the extended application and submit revenue verification materials to confirm your 2019 and 2023 revenue figures.
    • Only companies that meet the eligibility criteria will be invited to this stage of the application process.
    • After you submit verification to support your revenue numbers, you may not withdraw from consideration for the 2024 IC100.
    • If you are concerned that your final 2023 revenue figures will not be available in time, email us at
  3. In August, ICIC will inform all finalists via email as to whether they have been selected as an IC100 winner. Rankings will be revealed at the Annual Conference in December.
    • Winners are required to submit marketing materials (e.g. company description, company photos, CEO’s headshot, etc.) that will be used for editorial coverage.
    • Any photos submitted to ICIC need to be of high resolution.
  4. ICIC will publish the 2024 IC100 list in December 2024, on the final day of the Annual Conference.
    • Winners will receive their physical award prior to the conference.

ICIC will publicize and distribute the list to media channels across the country. We will also provide a comprehensive communications toolkit that winners can use to announce and promote their achievement.

What does the extended application ask for?

The extended application takes 20-30 minutes to complete. It contains questions related to:

  • Demographic profile of the highest-level senior executive
  • Company profile
  • Total employees, wages, and benefits
  • Customers and sourcing
  • Community engagements.

Additionally, it requires the submission of revenue verification materials, and interest in consideration for the three special awards will be identified in this application.

ICIC recommends that the highest-level senior executive fill out the extended application.

How does ICIC define revenue?

ICIC defines revenue as gross revenue, less returns, and allowances before any cost of goods sold. Revenues can be recorded on either a cash or accrual basis of accounting. However, your 2019 and 2023 revenue figures need to be recorded on the same basis, be under the same legal entity, and be consistent with the revenue numbers shown in the verification materials you submit as part of the extended application.

If you do not have a final figure for your 2023 revenue when you fill out the initial application, you may enter an estimate and provide us with the more precise figure when you submit your verification materials.

What is revenue verification?

To ensure the integrity and credibility of the IC100 list, we carefully verify the 2019 and 2023 revenue numbers for every finalist.

There are three kinds of revenue verification. You only need to submit one.

  • Revenue Verification Form: Revenue verification will be requested in the format of a digital signature from your CEO and a co-signer with one of the following certifications: Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Management Accountant, IRS Certified Enrolled Agent, or Attorney. Download the PDF Revenue Verification Form.
  • 2019 and 2023 Tax Returns: Please include the first two pages of the return. Feel free to redact any figure below line 1C of Form 1120/1065 or Part 1, Line 3 of a Schedule C.
  • Audited Financial Statements: When submitting financial statements, please include the accounting opinion letter and income statement from financial statements that have been audited, reviewed, or compiled by an independent accounting firm. Please note that we will not accept financial statements which are not accompanied by a letter by a credentialed third-party.
If my fiscal year doesn’t end in December, what sales numbers should I fill in for each year?

We ask all applicants to submit their revenue figures for full calendar years. Companies with non-calendar fiscal years should complete our revenue verification form for verification, rather than tax forms or audits. Please make sure the revenue figures entered on the form are for calendar years 2019 and 2023.

Who will see my application data?

The initial and extended applications ask for confidential business information, which ICIC uses to evaluate your eligibility for the IC100. All information and documents submitted at each stage of the application process will be fully protected. Access to them will be strictly limited to ICIC personnel. If your company becomes a 2024 IC100 winner, its 2023 revenue (in a range) and four-year revenue growth rate will be published as part of your company profile.

The applications also ask for personal information such as the applicant’s name and contact information. We use your personal information for contact purposes. This personal information may be shared with ICIC program sponsors, nominating partners, and other program participants. You can opt out of having your personal information shared via the first two questions we ask in the extended application or by emailing

Additional information about how we use your personal information and your rights regarding your personal information can be found in ICIC’s complete privacy policy, which is available here.


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