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DMC Group: Building a Better Tomorrow

Five-Time IC100 Award Winner, Enters IC100 Hall of Fame

February 16, 2024 | By ICIC

DMC Group, a family-owned general contractor and developer led by Mike Chaudhary, is more than just a business; it’s a legacy in the making. This is a story of the bold, imaginative pursuit of excellence—a narrative deeply woven into the fabric of DMC Group’s identity.

The “Why” Behind DMC

At its core, DMC Group is driven by a compelling mission: to build a better tomorrow today. But what exactly fuels this ambition? It’s the unwavering commitment to integrity, strong building practices, and respect for their clients and partners that Mike and his son, Yash Chaudhary, bring to every aspect of their work. This foundation has not only guided DMC’s journey from its start but also shaped its vision for the future.

DMC Group began as a small residential contractor in metro Detroit, a city itself in the midst of transformation. From these roots, DMC Group expanded its horizons, evolving into commercial construction management, demolition, and eventually stepping into the role of a developer. By adding verticals such as site development and delving into housing, mixed-use, and multi-family projects, DMC has grown into a formidable $25-$30 million company. Its aim is nothing short of ambitious: to be recognized as the largest minority general contractor in the state of Michigan.

A Family Business With a Vision
DMC Group team members with the five Inner City 100 awards

The Chaudharys have created a family business that reflects their personal values and professional ethos. The presence of family at the heart of DMC’s operations infuses the company with a sense of unity and purpose. It’s this blend of personal commitment and professional excellence that has propelled DMC to become a five-time Hall of Fame Winner of the Inner City 100 award.

DMC’s mission is clear and compelling: to deliver high quality services in the most cost-effective manner possible. Specializing in serving retail, corporate, and government clients, DMC ensures that its clients’ needs are met with their big-picture focus paired with their attention to the details. This dedication to excellence is supported by a diverse team of talented individuals, from experienced professionals to energetic young engineers, all committed to DMC’s vision.

DMC stands out not only for its business achievements but also for its commitment to practicing safe and environmentally friendly methods. The company emphasizes the salvage and recycling of waste on all its projects, utilizing green products and eco-friendly practices. This environmental stewardship is complemented by DMC’s active contribution to socio-economic development and community outreach, including support for various city programs and initiatives.

Giving Back

Throughout its history, DMC has prioritized removing blight from the city and rebuilding Detroit through construction and renovation projects. DMC has focused on hiring locally and empowering smaller subcontractors by providing general business knowledge and funding training opportunities. Additionally, field employees are cross-trained in multiple disciplines, allowing them to work year-round instead of seasonally. DMC also offers second-chance employment opportunities to previously incarcerated individuals to further invest in the success of the community. The company has also sponsored numerous outreach events, including Habitat-for-Humanity, cultural/arts festivals, park makeovers, and many more.

DMC Group’s Salam Peace Park Volunteer Day
Long-Term Relationship with ICIC

From its humble beginnings with just two employees, DMC has grown exponentially, now boasting a team of nearly 50 across its Construction, Demolition, and Self Performance divisions. Mike Chaudhary attended an ICCC program in Detroit in 2011. He credits ICCC with giving him the tools to move to the next level with his business. Since 1999, ICIC has identified and celebrated the 100 fastest-growing businesses in under-resourced communities across the nation. DMC Group is a five-time Inner City 100 winner, which gives them the honor of entering the IC100 Hall of Fame. These awards recognize and celebrate DMC Group’s creation of meaningful employment and economic revitalization in its neighborhoods.

Building a Legacy

DMC Group is more than a company; it’s an example of what dedication to building a better tomorrow can achieve. Through their commitment to integrity, honor, and respect, Mike and Yash Chaudhary have built a legacy that not only defines the present but also creates the path for future generations. As DMC continues to grow and evolve, its foundation remains steadfast—a reflection of the Chaudharys’ vision, the team’s hard work, and the collective drive to succeed.



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