eSmart Recycling combines environmental sustainability and social impact metrics, which results in a holistic approach to offsetting carbon emissions through recycling technology, at a corporate and residential level. The company empowers local communities by enabling access to technology and education. What started as a mobile scrapyard in 2014, became an electronics recycling company with the mission of making sure every kid and family in the local community has access to technology and education. The eSmart Way program prioritizes data security and environmental stewardship, focusing on creating a sustainable future by being responsible stewards of the environment. Measurable community impact is part of eSmart Recycling the business model. Since the company’s inception, it has deployed almost 3,000 devices with a footprint of more than 12,000 kids and families through partnerships with nonprofit organizations and businesses. The company is part of programs developed specifically to address the digital and literacy gaps and brings everyone together through a triple bottom line approach.

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