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Cube Care Receives Special Recognition Award Sponsored by FedEx

January 18, 2024 | By ICIC

Led by visionary CEO and Founder, Susana Robledo, Cube Care is not just a healthcare interior solutions provider; it’s a testament to the power of global entrepreneurship, diversity, and community empowerment. The 2023 Inner City 100 FedEx Champion of Global Entrepreneurship Award was recently awarded to Cube Care, reflecting the company’s dedication to empowering diverse entrepreneurs and creating employment opportunities, aligning with the FedEx mission to help support small businesses globally.

Steve Grossman, CEO of ICIC, commended Cube Care’s remarkable journey, stating, “Cube Care’s narrative is a profound illustration of global entrepreneurship and community impact. Their commitment to diversity and empowerment sets a standard for businesses worldwide, making a tangible difference in the communities they touch.”

Susana Robledo, CEO of Cube Care, shared: “We are honored to receive the FedEx Champion of Global Entrepreneurship Award. At Cube Care, we believe in making a difference globally and locally. Our collaborations with FedEx and dedication to community impact align with our core values. Thank you for this recognition.”

Susana Robledo, CEO and Founder of Cube Care stands with Steve Grossman, CEO of ICIC, and Esperanza Lopez-Virtue, the Vice President of Human Resources for the FedEx Express Latin America and Caribbean Division, at the ICIC Annual Conference, where she accepted the FedEx Champion of Global Entrepreneurship Award.

Since 1999, the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) has been dedicated to identifying and celebrating annually the 100 fastest-growing businesses in under-resourced communities across the U.S. through the Inner City 100 (IC100) awards. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the IC100, highlighting the remarkable achievements of businesses that serve as catalysts for job growth and contribute to the prosperity of their communities. Cube Care earned a spot on the IC100 list four years in a row, showing its impressive growth path.

Elevating Healthcare Environments and Cultivating Community

Cube Care, headquartered in Miami Lakes, Florida, has solidified its position as a national full-service manufacturer and supplier of decorative products for healthcare interiors. Specializing in cubicle curtains and window treatments, Cube Care has become an integral part of healthcare spaces, serving 90% of South Florida hospitals and numerous Veterans Affairs (VA) medical centers across the United States and Puerto Rico.

The driving force behind Cube Care is Susana Robledo, an immigrant who has woven the principles of making a difference and community empowerment into the fabric of the company. For Susana Robledo, the success of Cube Care is not just measured in products and profits; it’s about people.

Cube Care’s engagement with the community is ingrained in the company’s DNA. The company’s culture is described as diverse, self-driven, and family-oriented. Partnering with a halfway house allows Cube Care to provide jobs to prison inmates, offering them a chance at reintegration into society. The company goes a step further by creating a supportive environment for single mothers, offering a safe space on-site for their children until they are old enough for pre-kindergarten. In addition, as a board member of the Florida State Minority Supplier Development Council, Susana Robledo actively mentors minority entrepreneurs, contributing to the growth of diverse businesses.

Apart from these efforts, the emphasis on growing talent from within has resulted in loyal and dedicated employees who have risen through the ranks, from forklift drivers to organizational leaders. The commitment to every team member, irrespective of their position, resonates with the company’s ethos of empowerment and inclusivity.

Cube Care’s International Reach

While Cube Care has solid roots in the local community, its global reach has been extraordinary, attracting a diverse clientele worldwide. The company’s international expansion is not without its challenges, especially in logistics and supply chain management. From learning packaging strategies to navigating the complexities of international shipping, Cube Care found a true partner in FedEx, collaborating with FedEx Express Latin America & Caribbean HQ to enhance healthcare interiors internationally. The collaboration has allowed Cube Care to deliver its products not only nationwide but also to destinations like Singapore, China, Chile, and Patagonia.

Cube Care employees creating the curtains used in healthcare facilities.
Cube Care employees creating the curtains used in healthcare facilities.

Cube Care’s journey serves as an inspiration for other entrepreneurs, showcasing that success is not just measured in profits but in the positive impact a company can make on its community. As Cube Care continues to grow, innovate, and empower, it leaves an indelible mark on the landscape of global entrepreneurship and community development.

FedEx Support of Entrepreneurship Programming

FedEx is committed to making a meaningful difference in communities by promoting positive change. Its commitment to a better future is aligned with the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. From supporting communities in crisis to investing in inclusion and economic advancement to accelerating sustainability and service, FedEx is committed to solving global challenges and building a better future. In the area of Global Entrepreneurship, the focus is on supporting women and minority entrepreneurs worldwide by providing access to capital, training, mentoring, and networking opportunities. The strategy includes facilitating access to fair capital, training for competitiveness, and creating platforms for mentoring and networking, fostering an inclusive entrepreneurial landscape. The FedEx collaboration with ICIC furthers its global entrepreneurship goals by supporting entrepreneurship programming for small business owners from urban communities with high rates of poverty and unemployment and low median household incomes, especially through the IC100 FedEx Champion of Global Entrepreneurship Award.



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