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Shared Value Summit: Remix Your Role in Tackling Social Problems

ICIC is proud to partner with the Shared Value Initiative on the Shared Value Leadership Summit, which will gather the world’s leading thinkers and doers of shared value to deliver the “how-to” of building a shared value strategy that truly showcases business at its best.  Katja Iverson, CEO of Women Deliver, a leading global advocacy organization for girls and women, will present at the Shared Value Leadership Summit. The Shared Value Initiative recently interviewed Iverson about why she feels shared value principles are important for her goals:

Why is shared value one of your priorities as a CEO in the global women’s advocacy space?

Women Deliver works to improve the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women around the world, with a particular focus on maternal and reproductive health and the social determinants. We work strategically with the private sector, which is a powerful actor in international development. Businesses have the capital, technology, logistics, and reach to significantly impact the lives of the most vulnerable girls and women. And many are eager to work with NGOs and the public sector. These businesses increasingly recognize that investing in girls and women is good for society AND good for business.

Girls and women make up more than half the world’s population. They are consumers, producers, reproducers and they constitute the largest emerging market—bigger than India and China combined. In today’s complex global economy, development AND business success hinges, in part, on the status of the world’s girls and women. Women Deliver – and not only babies. Securing a more just and equitable future for girls and women has become tantamount to ensuring a healthy global economy. When girls and women survive and thrive, it creates a positive ripple effect throughout society: communities and economies are stronger, environments are more resilient, and overall – everybody wins.

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And don’t miss Katja lead The Multiplier Effect: Delivering for Women at the 2015 Shared Value Leadership Summit, taking place May 12-13 in New York.Visit to learn more and register. ICIC members can register with the code ICIC for $300 off the ticket price.


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