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ICIC Announces Partnership with Forward Financing

Forward Financing offers its customers $1,000 if they complete ICIC’s small business educational programs

The Initiative for a Competitive Inner City and Forward Financing, a Boston-based financial technology (fintech) company, have formed a new partnership to further expand the financial opportunity Forward Financing offers their customers, including tuition-free business education programs.

As a provider of fast, flexible capital to small businesses nationwide that have been long underserved by traditional financing options, Forward Financing is offering its customers the opportunity to receive up to a $1,000 reduction on their current balance or their next round of funding with the company. Customers are eligible if they complete ICIC’s Inner City Capital Connections (ICCC) or Building for Growth (BFG) programs.

“Our mission is to build a world-class fintech company so our customers can reach their full potential. And we pride ourselves in helping to level the playing field by offering financial opportunity to small businesses typically underserved by traditional financial institutions,” said Forward Financing co-founder and CEO Justin Bakes. “That’s why this partnership makes so much sense for our customers and our business. We feel strongly that business owners who have taken these courses will be more successful entrepreneurs, and that’s a win-win.”

The first of ICIC’s tuition-free educational programs available to Forward Financing customers this year are:

  • Building for Growth (BFG): A national, virtual executive education program designed to help BIPOC- (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and women-owned construction firms build capacity and develop sustainable growth strategies.
  • Inner City Capital Connections (ICCC): A flexible, 40-hour “mini-MBA” executive leadership training program, in-person or online, that helps busy small business owners in under-resourced communities build capacity for long-term sustainable growth.

“ICIC is deeply grateful for our partnership with Forward Financing,” said ICIC CEO Steve Grossman. “We share their commitment to customers’ and colleagues’ economic health and well-being. We know that as we work together, our impact on small businesses throughout the country will be profound and of lasting value.”

About Forward Financing
Forward Financing is a fintech company headquartered in Boston that provides fast, flexible capital to small businesses nationwide that have been long underserved by traditional financing options. By simplifying the requirements, streamlining the process, and using advanced proprietary technology, Forward Financing is able to deliver approvals within minutes and funding within hours — giving more businesses the financial opportunity they need to thrive. Plus, with their dedicated teams and award-winning service, customers get personalized support when they need it most.

Since 2012, Forward Financing has expanded Main Street’s access to capital by providing over $1.9 billion in funding to more than 45,000 small businesses. The company is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau, with an “Excellent / 4.9 stars” rating on Forward Financing has been recognized as a Best Place to Work by the Boston Business Journal and Built In Boston and is certified as a Great Place to Work®. Forward Financing is committed to helping their people and the small businesses they serve to achieve their full potential.


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