National Black Business Month

Since 2004, August has been designated as National Black Business Month. It is a time to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of black business owners. ICIC is pleased to support Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)-owned businesses with accessing capital and executive education through programming like Building for Growth (BFG), Goldman Sachs One Million Black Women: Black in Business, and Inner City Capital Connections (ICCC). Additionally, ICIC recognizes the 100 fastest-growing small businesses in underserved communities every year through the Inner City 100 Award (IC100). Last year, 50% of the award winners were BIPOC-owned or led, with 27 Black-owned businesses among them. ICIC takes great pride in recognizing these businesses and their owners as community leaders.

2022 IC100 Awards List: Top 5 Ranked Black-Owned Businesses

IC100_2022_AspireConstructionDesign#6: Aspire Construction & Design

Aspire Construction & Design, winner of the 2022 Chevron Dorothy A. Terrell Community Impact Award, is a commercial design-build general contractor. It provides architectural, engineering and interior design services and is a licensed general contractor providing end-to-end construction services to small businesses for their brick and mortar locations.

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IC100_2022_RuddResources#7: Rudd Resources LLC

Rudd Resources LLC is a communications agency handling public affairs and public relations for corporate, philanthropic and nonprofit organizations. Its work advances people, communities and ideas by using communications strategies to simplify society’s most complex problems. Rudd Resources believes communication is everything, a belief that grounds its philanthropy.

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IC100_2022_MontgomeryArts#12: Montgomery Arts Academy

Montgomery Arts Academy is an all-day privately-owned music academy that provides preschool music, piano, voice, guitar, drums, woodwind, and brass music lessons. The academy serves over 300 families.

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IC100_2022_SarahCarCare#13: Sarah Car Care, Inc.

Sarah Car Care, Inc. (SCC) has been providing specialized transportation services to a wide range of customers in the Delaware Valley Metropolitan Area since 2007.

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#15: City Safe Partners Security

City Safe Partners Security provides unarmed and armed security professionals to protect government, residential, transportation, and commercial clients and sites.

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2022 IC100 Awards List: Black-owned Businesses

IC100_2022_SistersTravelingSolo IC100_2022_CenturyPartners IC100_2022_ProjectXYZ IC100_2022_AstyraCorp
IC100_2022_EpiphanyBlue IC100_2022_SoutheasternHealthcareofNC IC100_2022_TheLaundryCenters IC100_2022_MDEnergyAdvisors
IC100_2022_TheTactileGroup IC100_2022_HayatBrownLLC IC100_2022_WebMyersConstruction IC100_2022_SeerInteractive
IC100_2022_neMarcProfessionalServices IC100_2022_HeavenSentChildCare IC100_2022_HighLevelSpeechHearingCtr IC100_2022_GordonsAutoServiceCtr
IC100_2022_ProverbAgency IC100_2022_LindseyAssociatesRealty IC100_2022_LashaysConstructionDevelopment IC100_2022_StarEnterprisesInc
IC100_2022_THGCompaniesLLC IC100_2022_WatkinsSecurityAgency

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