EPIPHANY BLUE is a corporate event planning agency that strives to create memorable experiences that transform lives. Its foundation and culture are based on three pillars: creating memorable experiences, bringing visions to life, and motivating people to be more fulfilled in every aspect of life. Epiphany Blue provides full-service virtual, hybrid, and in-person event planning services for corporations, government agencies, non-profits, and small businesses.

Additionally, Epiphany Blue is passionate about uplifting and empowering its community. It established a Youth and Community Development division to serve youth and adults. The themes for its youth programs and events include creating positive images and personal brands, career exposure and readiness, and social/professional/dining etiquette. Additionally, it works closely with parents in the community, focusing on “caring for the caregiver.” Its programs and events emphasize the importance of wellness, self-care, healthier lifestyles, and personal and professional goals and attainment.

Company Information

New York
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BIPOC-Owned/Led, Woman-Owned/Led