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Cube Care Receives Special Recognition Award Sponsored by FedEx


Cube Care, under the leadership of CEO Susana Robledo, reflects the transformative power of global trade, diversity, and community empowerment. Recognized as the 2023 Inner City 100 FedEx Champion of Global Entrepreneurship Award winner, Cube Care's journey embodies the FedEx commitment to diversity and empowering entrepreneurs. The company's impact begins with its community engagement, from providing jobs to prison inmates to creating a supportive environment for single mothers. Robledo emphasizes a people-centric approach, fostering a diverse, self-driven, and family-oriented culture. Robledo's vision goes on to extend beyond borders in a thriving collaboration with FedEx Express Latin America & Caribbean HQ to enhance healthcare interiors internationally. Steve Grossman, CEO of ICIC, celebrated Cube Care's journey as a profound illustration of global entrepreneurship and community impact. Cube Care’s recognition as a multi-year IC100 Award winner reflects its commitment to inclusive economic development, celebrating resilience, collaboration, and the positive impact of entrepreneurship. The company's story is an inspiration, showcasing that success is measured not just in profits but in the transformative impact a company can make locally and globally. Read More


Follow Your Passion: 2023 IC100 Chevron Dorothy A. Terrell Community Impact Award Winner


Omoné O. Livingston, driven by her passion for engineering and community impact, founded O2EPCM, Inc., which recently received the 2023 Inner City 100 Chevron Dorothy A. Terrell Community Impact Award. O2EPCM specializes in providing comprehensive solutions in project management, construction management, project controls, QA/QC, inspection, staff augmentation, and design/engineering support. Beyond professional services, the company actively contributes to community development through impactful scholarships, internship initiatives, and involvement in community development events. O2EPCM's commitment to diversity is reflected in its hiring practices and participation in programs like the South Bay Workforce Program, transforming lives through meaningful careers. The company's dedication to employee growth, including benefits like tuition reimbursement and career counseling, results in a skilled and empowered workforce that benefits the communities it serves. Omoné's recognition reflects her unwavering commitment to her community and workforce. Read More


Printfresh: A Story of Growth and Social Responsibility


Printfresh, co-founded by Amy Voloshin in 2016, started as a pajama-focused brand and has experienced remarkable growth, winning the 2023 Inner City 100 Business Growth Award for the second consecutive year with a staggering 5,280% growth since 2018. The brand's success lies in its dedication to distinctive prints, brand consistency, and a focus on sustainability, size inclusion, and social responsibility. Printfresh has expanded beyond sleepwear into a versatile lifestyle label, emphasizing a commitment to organic plant-based fabrics and contributing to the community through initiatives like Pledge 1%. The company's growth journey reflects the impact of hard work, customer focus, and a steadfast adherence to its values, positioning Printfresh not just as a business success but as a socially responsible brand making a real difference. Read More


Navigating Entrepreneurial Perseverance and Success: Diana Villegas and Nova Driving School


Diana Villegas's entrepreneurial journey is a testament to perseverance, innovation, and a strong commitment to community impact. Founded by her parents in 2003, Nova Driving School has flourished under Diana's leadership, now boasting a fleet of 60 vehicles with advanced technology for driving education. Diana's resilience and work ethic, shaped by her mother's diverse business pursuits in Ecuador, drive her success. Nova Driving School stands out not only for its quality and safety but also for its dedication to making a positive impact on the community. Through partnerships and initiatives like donating to organizations and engaging with underprivileged communities, Nova has experienced significant growth. Participating in programs like the ICCC Latinx cohort has further enriched Diana's insights, emphasizing the importance of self-motivation and employee support. Nova Driving School's accolades, including the Inner City 100 award and Inc. 5000 recognition, showcase its remarkable success and commitment to community engagement. As Nova continues to grow, Diana's unwavering dedication to giving back remains a guiding force for the future. Read More


Navigating the Social Media Landscape: Insights from Industry Experts


ICIC offered alumni the opportunity to explore the dynamic realm of social media marketing through insights shared by industry leaders in a recent ICAN webinar. From tailored strategies on LinkedIn to the power of storytelling on Instagram, the speakers, including Dianne Austin, Buzz Busbee, and Leo Voloshin, cover diverse approaches. The webinar, moderated by Dina Towbin of Dina Towbin & Associates, highlights the importance of continuous learning, openness to new strategies, and the ever-present value of engaging with your audience in the ever-evolving landscape of social media marketing. Read More


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