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The 2020 ICCC Holiday Gift Guide is Here

2020 was an extremely difficult year for our small business community, however, the holidays present an opportunity for us to support those entrepreneurs who displayed tremendous amounts of strength and resilience as they survived the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, 1,220 small businesses from 16 cohorts across the country participated in the Inner City Capital Connections (ICCC) program, and received access to actionable business recovery strategies to help their businesses survive, recover, and grow.

We’re proud to share the 2020 ICCC Holiday Gift Guide which features a sample of the 2020 ICCC Participants that you can support during the holiday season. We strongly encourage you to buy small and buy local this year to support the small business ecosystem which serves as the backbone for so many of our communities! Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of all ICCC participants and alumni. See below for a personal testimonial from Maria Tata, a Senior Program Coordinator with the ICCC program who led the effort on creating the Holiday Gift Guide.

“As a Senior Program Coordinator with the ICCC program, I had the privilege of working with businesses owners from across the country, and learned of their unique pivots and stories of resilience to keep their doors open and keep their employees employed. As I heard their stories, I began to keep a personal list of ICCC participants who sold great products that I wanted to support. I began gifting these items for birthdays and celebrations this year, and when my mother opened her Mother’s Day gift, she shared that she LOVED supporting an ICCC business and would encourage her friends to purchase items from our participants as well. By purchasing one item for my mom, I was able to give an ICCC participant at least three new loyal clients. I made the conscious decision that I would buy as much as possible from our program participants, and am proud to say that all my holiday gifts were purchased from ICCC participants this year!”

In addition to the 2020 ICCC Holiday Gift Guide, we also encourage you to take a look at gift guides curated by some of our partners, which include hundreds of other local, small businesses to support!

Have a safe, happy holiday season and a joyous New Year!


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