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Stories of Resilience: Bringing Healthy Food to the Underserved, Pandemic or Not

City Fresh Foods was launched in 1994 out of a kitchen in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. Since then, City Fresh Foods has been a staple in the food service community and has addressed food insecurity in Boston by delivering nutritious, delicious and ethnically diverse foods. Their mission has always been to bring healthy food to the inner city, a community that is “all too often overlooked.”

City Fresh’s menu is fueled by and reflects the diverse makeup of its employees and the community in which it operates. The team  specializes in bringing meals to children, the elderly and their families. They reach these groups through servicing schools and childcare programs, while also providing home delivery services for the elderly. This business model is what has led their team to be a critical support for economically vulnerable populations, especially during today’s COVID-19 crisis.

When asked about how their business was reacting to the crisis, they shared the following:

“COVID-19 put us front and center for what City Fresh was meant to do, prepare and deliver high volumes of healthy meals to the local community. This crisis emphasizes the importance of the local food supply chain and a local workforce. The strength of being a small, locally-owned company has enabled us to overcome the biggest challenges like PPE supplies, establishing new shifts, adapting and incorporating social distancing in our processes. Our experience and local partnerships enable us to navigate successfully through what is a treacherous time for most small businesses.”

This story is part of our Stories of Resilience series, showcasing small businesses in the ICIC network which are pivoting their focus during the COVID-19 crisis to accomplish good in their communities. If you are a small business doing the same, we would love to hear your story. Please email


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