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Apply for the 2022 ICCC-Pizza Hut Equal Slice program:

ICCC is excited to launch the Equal Slice Program in Canada for the second time in 2022, thanks to our lead sponsor, Pizza Hut Canada!

While this cohort will support small businesses across Canada, we will focus recruitment efforts in Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, and Vancouver. ICCC has worked in over 20 cities across the United States, and we look forward to expanding our reach internationally into Canada!

The ICCC-Pizza Hut Equal Slice program will be offered virtually in 2022, with the Opening Seminar Series taking place the afternoons of Tuesday, September 20th and Thursday, September 22nd.

Learn more about the ICCC program by checking out our Program Overview Video here. For questions regarding the 2022 ICCC-Pizza Hut Equal Slice program, reach out directly to Laura Quon, Program Coordinator, at or 617-238-3020.


“I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Equal Slice Program as I felt that it diligently walked me through the important basics of business. It provided me with an impressive amount of resources and information in a way that was easily digestible.”

Batik Boutik, 2021 ICCC-Pizza Hut Equal Slice Program Participant



2022 Canada Timeline

  • Kick-Off Event: Wednesday, June 22nd
  • Nomination Deadline: Friday, August 5th
  • Application Deadline: Friday, August 26th
  • ICCC Equal Slice Canada Virtual Opening Seminar Series: Afternoons of Tuesday, September 20th and Thursday, September 22nd


Apply for the 2022 Canada Cohort

Are you a business owner from Canada looking to pivot your business and to gain insights to help your business survive, recover and grow? If so, apply to participate in ICCC today! The application deadline is Friday, August 26th .

Once you submit your application, you will be prompted to schedule a phone interview with ICCC. For questions about the application process, contact Laura Quon at or 617-238-3020.


2022 Canada Program Criteria

  • Identify as either an immigrant, indigenous, disabled, or minority-owned business
  • Be an independent, for-profit or non-profit corporation, partnership or proprietorship
  • Have revenues of at least $50,000 CAD
  • Have profit below $50,000 CAD
  • Have been in operation for two years or more and past the proof-of-concept stage. ICCC does not accept start-up companies.


Become a Nominator with the 2022 Canada Cohort

As a Nominator with ICCC, we would work together to identify and nominate businesses in your network to participate in ICCC.

We’ve created the 2022 ICCC-Pizza Hut Equal Slice Nominator Toolkit which includes our Nominator Process Packet, sample language to promote the program, and other tools to best assist you through the nomination process. It outlines the various ways you can get involved as a nominator, the nomination and application timelines, best practices, and FAQs.

You can nominate business owners using our online Nomination Form, or by uploading your nominations to the ICCC Nomination Template and emailing it to by Friday, August 5th.

For questions about the nomination process, contact Laura Quon at or 617-238-3020.


Become a Collaborator with the 2022 Canada Cohort

As a Collaborator with ICCC, we would work together to promote and provide resources to the larger small business ecosystem by hosting webinars, volunteering as coaches for ICCC, and participating in various panel discussions.

If you’re interested in serving as a Collaborator, please schedule a call to speak with Nicholas Langkau here.


 “Taking part in the ICCC Equal Slice program gave us dedicated time to think about our business strategically and to make thoughtful plans for the coming year. It allowed us to interrupt the inertia of our day to day business activities to critically think about where we are and where we want to go. Being exposed to a higher level of learning was energizing and inspiring.”

I’ll Know It When I See It, 2021 ICCC-Pizza Hut Equal Slice Program Participant 



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