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Cube Care Receives Special Recognition Award Sponsored by FedEx


Cube Care, under the leadership of CEO Susana Robledo, reflects the transformative power of global trade, diversity, and community empowerment. Recognized as the 2023 Inner City 100 FedEx Champion of Global Entrepreneurship Award winner, Cube Care's journey embodies the FedEx commitment to diversity and empowering entrepreneurs. The company's impact begins with its community engagement, from providing jobs to prison inmates to creating a supportive environment for single mothers. Robledo emphasizes a people-centric approach, fostering a diverse, self-driven, and family-oriented culture. Robledo's vision goes on to extend beyond borders in a thriving collaboration with FedEx Express Latin America & Caribbean HQ to enhance healthcare interiors internationally. Steve Grossman, CEO of ICIC, celebrated Cube Care's journey as a profound illustration of global entrepreneurship and community impact. Cube Care’s recognition as a multi-year IC100 Award winner reflects its commitment to inclusive economic development, celebrating resilience, collaboration, and the positive impact of entrepreneurship. The company's story is an inspiration, showcasing that success is measured not just in profits but in the transformative impact a company can make locally and globally. Read More


Navigating Entrepreneurial Perseverance and Success: Diana Villegas and Nova Driving School


Diana Villegas's entrepreneurial journey is a testament to perseverance, innovation, and a strong commitment to community impact. Founded by her parents in 2003, Nova Driving School has flourished under Diana's leadership, now boasting a fleet of 60 vehicles with advanced technology for driving education. Diana's resilience and work ethic, shaped by her mother's diverse business pursuits in Ecuador, drive her success. Nova Driving School stands out not only for its quality and safety but also for its dedication to making a positive impact on the community. Through partnerships and initiatives like donating to organizations and engaging with underprivileged communities, Nova has experienced significant growth. Participating in programs like the ICCC Latinx cohort has further enriched Diana's insights, emphasizing the importance of self-motivation and employee support. Nova Driving School's accolades, including the Inner City 100 award and Inc. 5000 recognition, showcase its remarkable success and commitment to community engagement. As Nova continues to grow, Diana's unwavering dedication to giving back remains a guiding force for the future. Read More


Catalyzing Communities: The Role of Anchor Institutions in Building Inclusive Economies for Health Equity


ICIC attended the recent Healthcare Anchor Network (HAN) gathering in Los Angeles, focused on building health equity through inclusive local economies.  Anchor institutions play a critical role in cultivating health equity through inclusive local economies. Small businesses emerge as key players in narrowing the racial wealth gap and driving job creation. The fundamental importance of community partnerships and trust-building with grassroots organizations forms a dynamic "virtuous circle." This interconnected network involves community residents, small businesses, non-profits, technical assistance providers, capital facilitators, and anchor institutions. Successfully navigating this complexity demands skills like listening, patience, and a sustained commitment. Challenges include reconciling cost-sensitive anchor procurement with the imperative of supplier diversity for lasting local impact. Anchor institutions, with substantial purchasing power, stand out as pivotal, urging the need to unlock their potential beyond current limits. Capacity building and innovative supply chain financing strategies take center stage, emphasizing a focus on long-term positive change. Ultimately, anchor institutions can serve as catalysts for profound and sustainable community change, underscoring the importance of a commitment to a long-term journey. Read More


ICCC New Jersey: Governor Murphy’s Leadership Drives Successful Partnerships


The Inner City Capital Connections (ICCC) program in New Jersey has achieved significant success by forging partnerships with key stakeholders. Governor Phil Murphy's endorsement and support, along with collaborations with organizations like Santander Bank and the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA), have driven a 40% increase in attendance for the program, making it the largest in-person gathering in several years. These partnerships aim to empower women and minority small business owners, aligning with the program's mission to provide valuable executive leadership training and resources for sustainable growth. ICCC plans to expand its successful model to other states in the future, focusing on innovative programming to support small businesses. Read More


Anna Maria Florio, ICCC Philadelphia 2021 Alum: Bringing People to the Table 


Anna Maria Florio creates harmony in her demonstration kitchen, La Cucina at the Market. An alum from the Inner City Capital Connections (ICCC) Philadelphia 2021 cohort, Florio mixes ingredients and community building to create a thriving business that brings people together. From corporate bonding events to couples’ pasta-making classes and bridesmaids’ parties, Florio helps folks in her kitchen work together. Read More


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