George Gendron

George Gendron is the Co-founder and Managing Director of the Solo Project LLC, a media and research venture serving the fastest growing segment of the American workforce–independent professionals and creatives.

George served as editor-in-chief of Inc. magazine for two decades, growing the renowned publication into the premier magazine for small- to mid-sized growing companies. Among his greatest achievements was the creation of the Inc. 500, the first list of America’s fastest-growing private companies. The list has identified many of the world’s leading entrepreneurial organizations when they were virtually unknown, including Microsoft, Oracle, Patagonia, Timberland, Domino’s, Intuit and Charles Schwab.

In 1997, George formed a joint venture with Michael Porter of the Harvard Business School to publish the ICIC’s Inner City 100, a ranking of the fastest-growing companies in America’s inner cities. This list has gone on to play a major role in focusing public attention on the importance of entrepreneurship in creating jobs and wealth in America’s most economically distressed areas.

Gendron designed and launched the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center at Clark University in Worcester, Ma. The program’s mission was to enable undergraduates in the liberal and performing arts to create economically sustainable lives around their passion.

For the past 20 years, George has been extremely active in the philanthropic arena, serving on ICIC’s board, as well as those of City Year, Community Wealth Ventures, the Literary Venture Fund and many others.

George received a B.A. from Manhattan College.


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