Northern Real Estate Urban Ventures (NREUV) is a community development organization that takes a holistic approach to real estate development in low-income communities. It collaborates closely with local businesses and residents, fostering economic empowerment opportunities while executing real estate projects with expertise. Founded by Dr. Gina Merritt, a veteran with over 26 years of practical experience in real estate development, finance, and asset management, NREUV offers consulting services in real estate advisory, financing, and construction management. NREUV created Project Community Capital®, a social capital platform connecting individuals in low-income areas with employment opportunities. Through programs like Employment Plug®, Workforce Leverage®, FirmAdvantage®, and Heighten the Hustle®, NREUV facilitates diversity and inclusivity in the real estate industry. Their efforts focus on connecting subcontractors with qualified workers while providing training and resources to those aspiring to join the workforce.

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District of Columbia
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BIPOC-Owned/Led, Woman-Owned/Led