2022 ICCC Canada Grant Winners

Since 2021, ICIC has partnered with Yum! Brands to deliver the ICCC-Pizza Hut Equal Slice Program, which provides free business education, virtual trainings, and mentorship opportunities specifically to disabled, immigrant, indigenous, minority, and women-owned small businesses across Canada. In 2022, the partnership expanded to offer a pilot ICCC-KFC Recipe for Success Mini-MBA program.

One of the key components of the ICIC-Yum! Brands partnership is the opportunity for participants to receive one of five grants ranging from $20,000-$30,000 CAD designed to help grow and strengthen their businesses. See below for the grant winners from this year!




2022 ICCC-Pizza Hut Equal Slice Grant Winners

See below for the five winners of the $20,000 CAD ICCC-Pizza Hut Equal Slice Grant Opportunity.


Carolyn Simon – Choose Life Foods

“Carolyn Simon, our Patty Queen, grew up loving Jamaican Patties, which is a freezer staple in every Caribbean Home! When trying to transition to a plant-based diet, she noticed the absence of Caribbean plant-based meal options, especially Jamaican Patties while grocery shopping. She decided to start making her own and soon her family and friends were asking repeatedly why she wasn’t selling them. Thus, Choose Life Foods was born!”

                                    Website | Instagram | Facebook


Susan Keast – Resources Ink

Through effective leadership, strategic planning, and change management, you can rest assured that your staffing needs will be met. I have a proven passion and desire to help others. To learn more about our services, including human resource management, health and safety, and payroll outsourcing service, contact us today.”

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Tique Chandler – Chandler Honey

“Our honey products combine the white creamy honey that my family produces with unique flavour infusions. At Chandler Honey, we believe in quality, simplicity, and creating unique food products that everyone will love.”

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Danielle Murrell Cox – Zuri & Dre

“Zuri & Dre is a plush doll, stationery, accessories & home decor brand that celebrates uniqueness and aims to diversify toy boxes, plush collections & everyday life. Our core value at Zuri & Dre, is to make you feel like you belong, uniqueness and all.”

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Dodie Ellenbogen – The County Bounty Artisanal Soda Co.

“[In 2017, Dodie] began to experiment with all sorts of weird and wonderful local flavours in unique combinations to create some cordials for market. They were so well received that she decided to take it to the next level and pursue bottled soda. In 2018 she launched the sodas as a farm value-added product and it caught like wild-fire! She has now switched to making soda as her full time pursuit but has not forgotten her roots as a farmer and she continues to support her fellow local farmers by sourcing as much Ontario-grown produce as possible.”

                                   Website | Instagram | Facebook

“Participating in the Equal Slice Program helped us think strategically and take our business to the next level. It allowed us to interrupt the inertia of our day-to-day business activities to critically think about where we are and where we want to go.”
Cassie and Christine, I’ll Know It When I See It™ – 2021 ICCC Equal Slice Grant Winner


2022 ICCC-KFC Recipe for Success Grant Winners

See below for the five winners of the $30,000 CAD ICCC-KFC Recipe for Success Grant Opportunity

Denise Edwards – Tropix

Tropix Coconut Drops are made using the best quality ingredients, with attention to everything from flavour to packaging. The result is a delightfully delicious taste that is simply irresistible.”

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Jocelyn Eisert – Bizzybody Enterprises

“Bizzybody Enterprises of Fort St. John, BC is a learning & development and consulting firm providing solutions for individuals, communities, businesses, and organizations. Specializing in Northern, Indigenous, and New Canadian entrepreneurs, innovators, leaders, and reinventors with business and career coaching, training & development, project and events management, strategic and community planning, DEI & cultural literacy education, and online and in-person facilitation       


Tianna McFarlane – Heal In Colour

“We are revolutionizing the way people shop for bandages.  We want to create a world where black and brown bandages are the norm.  We will build long-term relationships with customers based on integrity and a dedication to excellence by offering the highest quality brown and black bandages, made from premium materials, at a competitive price.”

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Erin DeWolfe – Web321

“Imagine never having to worry about your website becoming old and out of date, being hacked, getting ignored by Google or disappearing into darkness. No more frantic calling around to web agencies to see who has time to help you. Your site is just… taken care of. WordPress maintenance services: That’s what we do.”

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Téjahn Burnett – Téjahn Burnett

Téjahn Burnett is a contemporary footwear brand that specializes in women’s high heels, boots and hand-crafted sandals. Designed in Toronto, the Canadian-Jamaican designer creates standout worthy footwear that is size-inclusive and created with versatility and comfort in mind. Our brands eye-catching designs prioritize innovation, functionality and femininity.”

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