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Congratulations on making the 2023 IC100 Awards List!

For 25 years, ICIC has identified and celebrated the 100 fastest-growing businesses in under-resourced communities across the nation annually since 1999 through the Inner City 100 Awards (IC100 Awards).

In that time, we have had the pleasure of learning about and highlighting more than 1,000 incredible business leaders and their companies from around the U.S. who continuously inspire us.

Your achievement deserves recognition, and we have provided approved content and samples to help you share your IC100 award with customers, employees, stakeholders, media, and the community.

Sample Press Release

Distributing a press release detailing the news of your award can help increase awareness of your achievement and generate greater interest in your company, the work you do, and the goods and/or services you provide.

We’ve included a link to a sample press release that can be downloaded, filled in with the details of your company and its ranking on the IC100, and then shared on your company website and distributed to media outlets. Be sure to include information on how readers can contact your company with follow-up questions and interview requests.

Sample Press Release

Sample Blog Outline

In the wake of receiving a major award, a blog post on your own website or on an industry platform is an opportunity for your company to share more about the work that helped make it an award-winning operation.

A blog post can help you to:

  • Share your success with your target audiences in your company’s authentic voice
  • Have editorial control over the story you’re telling
  • Publicly recognize individuals within your organization who contribute to its success
  • Reassert your company’s commitment to its employees, customers, and community

Sample outline for a blog post:

  • Announce the award: Open the post by sharing with readers information about the IC100 award you won, what it represents, which organization presented the award (ICIC), and what your company and staff did that earned you the award.
  • Present any challenges you may have faced, and the approach you took to address the challenge: Small businesses faced unprecedented challenges throughout the pandemic and continue to face hurdles in its wake. How did your company adapt or pivot strategically to remain open for business during the past several years? Are there any lessons learned or bits of knowledge gained that you can share with your audience(s)?
  • Highlight your company’s culture, employee-focused development, and contributions to building a more vibrant community where you are located and do business: In particular, highlight those activities that show how you did well (grew your business) by doing good.
  • Share insight into what’s next for the company: This is an opportunity to provide a glimpse into your company’s future and share any news or plans to keep the company on a growth trajectory.

ICIC Approved Quotes

Steve Grossman, CEO of ICIC, stated: “In 2023, small business owners redefine success amidst funding, economic, and societal challenges. Their journey is marked by resilience, seizing opportunities, and fostering community bonds. The 2023 Inner City 100 award winners used innovation and collaboration to not only survive but thrive. They pivoted, adapted, and transformed their businesses, embodying the entrepreneurial spirit. We applaud their grit and determination and stand in awe of their achievements.”

Social Media Examples

  1. Download customized images for your business here or create an image on Canva sized for Instagram/LinkedIn, Facebook, and X (Twitter)
  2. Use the post suggestions provided below or use them as inspiration to create your own posts
  3. Include the #InnerCity100 or #IC100awards hashtag to ensure we’re all part of the same social conversation
  4. Tag @icicorg on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter/X, Facebook, and @initiative-for-a-competitive-inner-city on LinkedIn [Important note: Be sure to type out and select @icicorg on Facebook and Instagram, and @initiative-for-a-competitive-inner-city on LinkedIn posts for proper tagging].

Sample Social Media Message #1: 

Proud to announce that we’re a first-time winner on the @icicorg #InnerCity100 Awards list! For 25 years, they have annually named the 100 fastest-growing businesses in under-resourced communities in the U.S.: [link to your press release or the Inner City 100 web page]

Sample Social Media Message #2: 

We’ve been recognized as one of the nation’s fastest-growing companies in an under-resourced community by @icicorg. Look for us, we’re #[insert your company’s ranking] on the #InnerCity100 list! https://icic.org/ic100

Sample Social Media Message #3: 

We did it again! [Company name] is celebrating ranking #[insert your company’s ranking] on the 2023 @icicorg #InnerCity100 Awards list. This marks our [# of years on the list] year on this prestigious list. https://icic.org/ic100

Sample Social Media Message #4: 

Proud to announce that we’ve been named an #InnerCity100 winner by @icicorg for being one of the 100 fastest-growing businesses in under-resourced communities in the U.S.: [link to your press release or the Inner City 100 web page]

ICIC Communications Contacts

If you have questions on how to leverage the recommendations in this toolkit best or need assistance downloading any of the graphic assets included, please get in touch with ICIC’s Communications team below:

Sarah Ginand, Interim Director of Marketing and Communications, email: sginand@icic.org

Jasmine Martin, Marketing and Communications Manager, email: jmartin@icic.org


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