Indhira Taveras

Prior to joining the ICCC team, Indhira worked with local artists to build their brands and gain exposure in their communities, through social media consulting as well as photography and styling services. Indhira discovered her passion for helping small businesses thrive when she was introduced to a local fashion designer in 2012. With the brand she implemented marketing and communications initiatives by creating and managing a social media presence and building their website via squarespace.

Indhira later joined a local media company in Quincy to manage several companies, including a commercial production company and later aided in the creation of a publishing company. While there, Indhira collaborated with local brands like Bodega of Boston and UNDFTD of LA, to create merchandize and host pop-up shops that inaugurated the creation of the publishing company and its first project. She also worked with Reebok for the launch of the publishing company’s very first coffee table book.

Indhira received a degree in Information Design and Corporate Communications with a concentration in Public Relations from Bentley University.

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