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The second pillar of the ICCC program, Webinars, are virtual learning sessions that complement and deepen what participants learn at the Opening Seminar. These webinars are led by experienced practitioners and cover topics that are customized to growth challenges of the cohort. The webinars can be watched live or from the archive at any point after they’ve been recorded, and so participants can listen to the presentations on their own time from the office or at home.

“This was by far one of the best webinars that I have attended. The content was great and the resources provided can be implemented immediately.” 

Jamerson Strategic Consulting, 2018 ICCC Memphis Participant


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The Power of Self Coaching (2022)
Debo Ogunrinde, Life Coach & Founder, MindBasic Academy

Self Coaching is a foundational practice of self-development, a tool underutilized by small business owners that delivers several benefits to help you scale your business. During this webinar, you’ll learn what Self Coaching is and how to implement practices into your daily operations and overall life.

Discover how the Power of Self Coaching can result in the following benefits:

  • Developed increased self-awareness
  • Guide to identify your source of power to improve yourself and your business.
  • Gain perspective and authority over your experience of life and as a business owner.
  • Develop your ability to manage your emotion and be accountable

And much more

Sales Strategy for B2C Businesses (2022)
Elizabeth Eichhorn, Group Manager for Entrepreneur Success, IFundWomen

Need help generating customer purchases or growing your existing sales channels? This session is helpful for all B2C businesses, whether you’re trying to get that first sale or problem-solving through a sales slowdown. Find out how to analyze what you’re selling well, who your customers are, and how to best reach them.

Negotiation Challenges, Pitfalls, Skills, and Strategies (2022)
Moshe Cohen, Founder, The Negotiating Table, Senior Lecturer, Boston University’s Questrom School of Business

Everyday business negotiations present numerous challenges for owners and managers. Whether you are negotiating with your landlord or you are the landlord, whether you are dealing with your customers, vendors, employees, or other partners, your ability to generate favorable outcomes while building and maintaining relationships is key to your success. This webinar looks at some of the dynamics that make negotiations so challenging and some of the common mistakes that people make in preparing for and conducting their negotiations. It also provides skills and strategies for managing those challenges and negotiating more effectively.

Building Authentic Relationships with PURPOSE (2021)
Miriam Torres Baltys, Senior Small Business Professional and Senior Loan Officer, CDC Small Business Finance

Listen in with Miriam Baltys, an expert in the Small Business industry, on how to “Build Authentic Relationships with Purpose”. Interact with other Small Business owners, while you practice and learn key elements to successfully “Building and Maintaining Authentic Relationships” that will prove to move you and your business to the next level.

How Can A Business Mentor Help Me? (2021)
Steve Sivitz, Mentor & Chair Community Engagement, SCORE San Diego

Working with a mentor can aid in making effective and realistic choices to address the complexities of starting and managing a business. The workshop will provide an overview of how to work with a mentor, how a mentor can contribute to the business elements, the relationships between mentee and mentor, and when should a mentor be enlisted to aid the product plan or business.

Speak and Grow Your Business Quickly (2021)
Berri A. Wells, President, Turning Point Solutions, LLC.

Leverage meetings and events by making connections and following up with the ultimate intent of sharing resources and growing your network.
Don’t have a big advertising budget? This webinar is just for you as we will explore the number one way to market and promote yourself, each and every time you speak! Shift your perspective and capitalize on personal and professional interactions.

Redefining Success: Unlocking Your Entrepreneurial Mindset (2021)
Kasey Corsello, Small Business Owner, Integrative Coach

This webinar will help you redefine success so that you can build on those successes in order to grow forward. After a very challenging 18+ months of uncertainty, we will celebrate how far you’ve come, no matter where you are in your business. Learn simple tools to help motivate you as you move through the challenges, turning obstacles into opportunities; increase productivity.

The Paradigm Shift: Remote Working, Are You Secured? (2021)
Robert Joseph, VP Technology, Step Ahead Solutions, Inc.

This webinar will take you through some practical steps in understanding remote working and technologies that go to secure your digital experience. Things you can do affordably to be safe to protect your identity:

  • Securing your devices
  • Securing your systems
  • Securing your remote connectivity

Understanding Contracts (2021)
Stephanie Charles, Cleary Gottlieb Legal Fellow, Start Small Think Big

This workshop will cover contract formation; understanding commonly-included boilerplate language; the responsibilities, roles, and obligations of the parties; contract enforcement; negotiation techniques; and how to understand and use non-compete and non-disclosure clauses.

Simple Hacks to save you Time and Money – Automations and Delegations to Transform Your Business (2020)
Emily Morgan, Founder and CEO of Delegate Solutions and Christa Hurchalla, Director of Strategic Partnerships of Delegate Solutions

If you wish there was a simpler way to manage the monotonous lower-value tasks and process details of your business, this webinar is for you! During this engaging webinar, experts from Delegation Solutions will share hacks to streamline the pesky details of your business through simple automations and delegations.

Commercial Leases and Negotiating Rent During COVID-19 (2020)
Jared Nicholson, Associate Clinical Professor at Northeastern University School of Law

Many businesses are struggling to pay rent during the COVID-19 pandemic, and are looking for resources and tips on how to approach lease negotiations. In this webinar, Jared Nicholson will cover key terms in commercial leases for the current context, how to prepare for and approach rent negotiations.

Step-by-Step Business Recovery Plan (2020)
Warren Cooley, Managing Principal of Warren Cooley, LLC.

You are likely to need consideration from your lenders, landlords or vendors for reduction/forgiveness of payments during this trying time. Join us for this webinar that will give you step-by-step instructions on how to prepare a “Recovery Plan”.

Rock & Sand II: Two Tools that Will Guide your Team to Growth (2019)
Michael Synk, founder of In-Synk: Aligning Strategies, Actions, and Goals

In this part-two of a two-part series, Synk will review his Rock & Sand Model and dive into two tools that will help your team grow. The first tool will focus on defining and communicating a winning culture while the second tool focuses on your three-year plan for success.

Strategies and Skills for Business Negotiations (2018)
Moshe Cohen, President and Founder of The Negotiating Table

Negotiations are an integral part of business. This workshop provides strategies and skills for competitive and collaborative negotiations that occur in business and in the workplace. If you are looking to further develop your negotiation skills, watch Moshe’s second webinar on negotiation below.

Business Negotiation and Influencing Skills (2019)
Moshe Cohen, President and Founder of The Negotiating Table

Moshe expands on the negotiation skills covered in his first webinar, by focusing on influencing skills and concepts that will help you manage negotiation, internally and externally, more effectively.

Know Your Customers: DIY Research (2019)
Katrina Noelle, President, Know Research & Co-Founder, Scoot Insights

Katrina Noelle is an ICCC alum

Katrina Noelle presents a crash course in best practices for utilizing qualitative insights to better understand your target audiences and customers. This webinar will cover an array of resources and tools to run your own qualitative projects, and when and how to tap into expert support along the way.

Social Impact Enterprises and the Capital Stack (2019)
Jonathan Tower, Managing Partner at Arctaris Impact Fund, LP

This webinar will discuss five proven success strategies for social impact enterprises including attracting loyal customers, recruiting and retaining high-value employees, and utilizing government incentives. Additionally, the presenter will address how to access traditional capital as a social impact enterprise.

Planning Towards a Smooth Transition (2019)
Brian Lynch, Account Vice President, UBS

Planning Towards a Smooth Transition offers tips that can help ensure that you are in the small minority of owners who have the freedom to exit your businesses on your own terms and timeline.

Insights and Trends to Prepare for the Holiday Season (2019)
Kevin Chung, Marketing Principal, FedEx

The holidays are a time when consumers exhibit shopping behaviors that have lingering impacts into the New Year. Learn how your business can capitalize on consumer behaviors now, through analysis of relevant insights from last holiday season’s trends.

l Solutions to Protect your Business from Cybercrime (2019)
Mary Ellen Seale, CEO and Founder of National Cyber Security Society

The National Cybersecurity Society presents a webinar with tips to help small businesses learn how to implement cost effective solutions to protect their business from cybercrime.


Build PR Into Your Operations: Super-Stacking Your Company Resources (2022)
Kimberley Rudd, President, Rudd Resources LL

This webinar is ideal for entrepreneurs curious about what PR can do for their companies – whether news media coverage, social media sizzle, better blogs or good buzz – but they don’t know where to start. If your firm is without a full-time communications professional, and you can’t afford to hire an agency, there is a middle ground. Let’s talk about how you can turn to your employees, board members, advisors, vendors and consultants to create an internal “PR stack”. By asking each group to do small acts, you can create a sensible, manageable PR plan for your business.

How to Become the Only Business that Matters (2022)
Patrick McFadden, Founder and Marketing Consultant, Indispensable Marketing

In this presentation, Patrick McFadden will teach you how to connect with your (ideal) customers in a way that leads to becoming the only business that matters. Today’s customers have an array of ways to start the buying process and the small business owners and CEOs that focus on helping their ideal client get what they want more than anything else in the world are winning – and what is that? Their real problems solved.

In the “How to Become the Only Business That Matters” presentation you’ll discover the power of narrowing your focus to the customers that your organization matters to most, uncovering what it is that you do that these customers value most, and creating something I refer to as the promise message as a potent tool to transform how you communicate and perhaps, even how you deliver your service.

Build Your Professional Brand (2022)
Keisha Mabry Haymore, Grow With Google Digital Coach

Having a strong professional brand and a well-thought-out career story can open many opportunities for you, especially when it comes to pursuing your next job. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to position your career story in a compelling way, improve your online presence, and build a solid network. Plus, you’ll learn how to answer the common interview question “tell me about yourself” to make a strong first impression in your interviews.

Where Your Values Meet Your Value Add
Kim Sawyer, Board Member, Initiative for a Competitive Inner City and Daren Bascome, Founder and Managing Director, Proverb LLC.

Core values are the adhesive that holds together a company and differentiates an exceptional company from a good one. Understanding the significance of core values and spending the time to implement them in all that a company does are key to success. Learn from multi-year Inner City 100 winners on maximizing your values.

Marketing Your Business in Challenging Times (2021)
Dina Towbin (she/her), president and founder of Dina Towbin & Associates LLC

Marketing Your Business in Challenging Times is an interactive webinar that will provide participants with an easy-to-use marketing strategy. You’ll learn tips to quickly refresh your marketing and attract clients during the pandemic. We’ll share the importance of building trust, knowing your customer, and promoting your product and service in the time of COVID-19 and beyond, using social and other media.

Brand Like a Woman (2020)
Devon Moody-Graham, Chief Solutions Officer of CEOMom Empire, LLC.

Devon is also an ICCC alum.

A session created for anyone wanting to put their best and most authentic image forward when creating a brand for their company or themselves. We will discuss defining your authentic voice, making your value proposition attractive, and becoming a Solution creator for your target audience.

Keeping Your Business Open During COVID-19 By Using Free Google Online Tools (2020)
Roberto Martinez, Google Digital Coach

Roberto Martinez provides an overview on current Google tools, grants, and services. He will also provide an overview on how to set up your free Google My Business page, optimize your website to improve SEO and sales, and stay up to date on receiving free Google Ads Credit to advertise on Google Ads.

Reach Customers Online with Google (2019)
Roberto Martinez, Google-supported trainer

Learn how customers find your business online and how to promote your online presence using a free business listing, search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, and online advertising. If you are interested in learning more, check out Roberto’s other webinar, “Make Your Website Work For You.”

Make Your Website Work For You (2018)
Roberto Martinez, Get Your Business Online Trainer

This webinar will offer tips on how to create a search-friendly website that’s useful for customers and supports your business goals. To expand your understanding on this topic, watch Roberto’s other webinar, “Reach Customers Online with Google.”


Tips for Getting a Small Business Loan (2022)
Frederick Welk, Director of Business Education & Communications, Community Economic Development Fund (CEDF)

Understanding how things look from the lender’s point of view can help prepare a small business for a successful effort to raise debt capital, whether from a community lending source like a bank or credit union. Lack of knowledge of certain principles can cause loan applicants to waste time, effort and emotions. With a grasp of these concepts, small business owners can focus on what’s truly important to move toward to secure lending support.

Negotiating Your Commercial Lease – How to Work with Landlords Post-Pandemic (2022)
Jeff Grandfield, Co-Founder, The Lease Coach and Co-Author, Negotiating Commercial Leases & Renewals FOR DUMMIES

Negotiating a commercial Lease or Lease Renewal has always been a daunting task for most tenants. As we come out of one of the most challenging times for business owners in our lifetimes, tenants are wondering more than ever what to expect in the commercial lease negotiation process. The webinar will cover the following key topics:

  • What should I expect from Landlord’s as we come out the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • How to select a site for your business.
  • How to negotiate the key financial terms of Lease.
  • Understand what other essential components of the Lease you should negotiate.
  • Common mistakes to avoid while negotiating a Lease.

Crowdfunding Masterclass
Dora L. Rankin, Director of Partnerships, Honeycomb Credit

During this webinar you’ll learn the following:

  • What crowdfunding platforms are out there and what makes them all so different
  • Are you ready for funding and how to get crowdfit
  • How to create a crowdfunding campaign
  • Launching a successful crowdfunding campaign

5 Steps to Sustainable Fundraising
Royce Gomez-King, CEO, Your Startup Coach

Nonprofits experience donor fatigue, burnout of the Development Director, and other fundraising challenges. The old fundraising model has caused these common challenges. As a nonprofit organization, it’s vital that you begin to approach fundraising differently. This webinar will cover 5 steps to more sustainable – and less stressful – fundraising.

A Guide to Nonprofit Debt
Emily Weissman, Senior Investment Officer, Michael Alles, Underwriter, and Lauren Coker, Portfolio Manager, Nonprofit Finance Fund

In this webinar, the presenters will discuss why nonprofit organizations borrow money, what types of loans are available to nonprofits, and how to know if debt is right for your organization. The presenters will also discuss what lenders typically look for from nonprofit borrowers and considerations once a loan has been received.

The Need for Personal Finance Education During a Crisis (2020)
JeFreda Brown, CEO, Provision Financial Education

By making personal finance education a priority, you will have the tools and knowledge that you need to experience peace, even during a crisis. In this course, you will learn how to be financially responsible during the current pandemic and during any crisis.

Reassessing Strategy and Funding in the Light of COVID-19 (2020)
Susan Holliday, Senior Advisor, International Finance Corporation, The World Group

Susan Holliday is a global strategic financial services executive and advisor who leverages extensive knowledge of capital markets, emerging markets and technology to deliver strategies for global financial services leaders. This session focuses on how to take stock of your business in the light of COVID-19, and develop your strategy and funding plan to move forward in an era of uncertainty.

Community Capital for the New Economy (2020)
Kathleen Minogue, Founder & CEO, Crowdfund Better
Brett Heeger, Partner, Gundzik Gundzik Heeger LLP

This webinar will teach you how to successfully use community capital tools to raise funding from your business’s champions, clients, customers, suppliers, and vendors. It will also shine a light across the community capital ecosystem, including all types of crowdfunding, to help you determine if your business is a good fit for these alternative capital-raising tools.

Cash Resilience Webinar: 25 Ways to Find, Preserve, and Improve Your Cash to Get to the Other Side (2020)
Michael Synk, Speaker, Author and Coach

Think of each idea as a stimulus for you and Leadership Team to discuss and decide how they would work for your organization. All of the ideas aren’t for everyone, but a few of them will find a place in your company, and by thinking through the others, you’ll be able to develop additional ideas worth pursuing and you’ll gain control of your cash flow and make better decisions to get to the other side of the Covid-19 crisis and the disruption coming with it.

Are You Using the Right Capital Tools at the Right Time? (2019)
Lara Hodgson, President & CEO, NOW Corp

Lara Hodgson shares practical advice to help you confidently choose the right capital tool for the right-job – and make sure that your working capital is actually right for YOU. Learn more with Lara’s other webinar, “Solving the Net 30+ Dilemma Without Debt.”

Cash Flow: A Simplified Methodology for Projecting, Tracking and Improving Cash Flow (2019)
Wayne Cottrell, Consultant, Capital Region Small Business Development Center

Cash Flow, the life blood of every company, is one of the most concerning and difficult items for many managers to analyze and improve. This webinar will present a simplified process for projecting, tracking, analyzing and improving your cash flow status. If you found this useful, check out Wayne’s second webinar that is focused on successful budgeting.

Budgeting Made Easier – A Logical, Simplified Method to Create, Track and Make your Budget Work for You (2019)
Wayne Cottrell, Consultant, Capital Region Small Business Development Center

In Wayne’s second webinar, he presents useful tools for creating your budget from financial statements you already possess to teaching you how to track your progress and take corrective action as required.

Maximum Crowdfunding: The Complete Guide to Raising Capital for Your Business (2019)
Anthony Price, Founder and CEO, LootScout

Businesses are increasingly leveraging crowdfunding to raise money for their businesses. This webinar, perfect for beginners to crowdfunding, covers the basics of running a campaign, including how to plan, implement, and promote your crowdfunding campaign.

Access to Capital that Takes You Global (2019)
Bill Houck, Trade Finance Regional Manager, SBA Office of International Trade, Export Solutions Group, Mid-Atlantic Region

This webinar will go through how the US Export Assistance Centers around the country (and local Economic Development Offices and Small Business Development Centers) assist companies to look at foreign markets. It will also cover how SBA’s export loan guarantees give small businesses the financial capacity to export their goods and services around the world.


Talent Management

Why Building Diverse and Inclusive Teams Improves the Bottom Line (2022)
Kari Heistad, Founder and CEO, Culture Coach International (CCI) and DEIBoxx

The American workforce is becoming more diverse every day. With this diversity can come innovation, creativity, and new ideas to help small businesses to provide great products and services. This webinar will explore how diversity and inclusion are topics that are important to businesses of all sizes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Comprehend changing demographics and their impact on the workforce.
  • Understand how treating people with dignity and respect helps to improve teamwork and productivity.
  • 7 key action steps to build more inclusive teams.


Creating an Authentic Business Culture (2022)
Devon Moody-Graham, MBA, CEO & Chief Solutions Officer, CEOMom Empire LLC.

This webinar will assist business owners that are working to establish themselves as an industry expert and guide them to create a relationship building strategy to help them create a sustainable business.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand how to build Authentic and Intentional Relationships both in-person and virtual
  • Learn how to intentionally connect with people via social media platforms in 3 repeatable steps
  • Learn how to implement a Value-Add Mindset to relationship building at any level

STRESS! Mastering Emotional Intelligence for Entrepreneurs (2022)
Ellen Feldman Ornato, Founding Partner & CMO, Bolder Company Inc.

Our ability to notice and manage our emotional responses to people and situations gives us an enormous entrepreneurial advantage. Growing “emotional intelligence” allows us to navigate our world with more ease and confidence; we are better able to support our teams and interact productively with customers, even under pressure.

From One to Many: Maintaining Core Values While Growing Your Business (2022)
Mindelyn Anderson, Founder & Principal, Mirror Group LLC

There are many joys and pains in the entrepreneurial journey. One particular tight spot is the transition from a solopreneur or company of 1 to a small business owner with many W2 full-time staff other than the owner. In the process of scaling business operations and setting a strong foundation to sustain over the long haul, every small business owner encounters crossroads where their mission, vision, and values come into conflict with the profit motive for their business. In this webinar, participants will go on a journey with Dr. Mindelyn Anderson to uncover values-profit conflicts that occur with mission-driven for-profit companies and work through scenarios of how to acknowledge and navigate those conflicts.

The Three Cs of Leadership You Need to Master (2022)
Cindy Hooker, Owner, Gold Dog Consulting LLC

Learn tools that will help you lead your team during times of prosperity and times of uncertainty. This webinar will help you become aware of the skills and behaviors that you need to lead a high performing team. Participants will learn ways to connect, create trust and to create a collaborative culture.

Renegotiating Agreements – Challenges and Strategies (2020)
Moshe Cohen, Author of Collywobbles: How to Negotiate When Negotiating Makes You Nervous; Senior Lecturer at Questrom School of Business, Boston University; and Founder and President of The Negotiating Table, Inc.

Negotiating can be challenging and stressful, but renegotiating existing agreements can be even more challenging and stressful. This session looks at the structural roadblocks, fears, and consequences that accompany renegotiation and provides tools to help you manage these negotiations more effectively and improve your results.

Managing and Engaging Employees during a Pandemic and Beyond (2020)
Kesi Stribling, CEO & Chief Strategist, KSG Strategic Consulting

During this interactive webinar, we will explore three key tips for managing, engaging, and getting the best out of your employees, tackle some of the challenges and barriers CEOs face, and begin strategic planning using the template provided by the instructor.

Intelligent Leadership: Developing Yourself and Growing Your Team To Thrive In Times of Rapid Change (2020)
Ngan Nguyen, CEO, Cintamani Group

This webinar is based on the Intelligent Leadership Development blueprint, recently named one of the top three advanced leadership development programs in the world. During this webinar, you’ll learn the process of consciously developing your team and leadership so you can lead your organization to greater success.

Use Emotional Intelligence to Thrive in Change (2020)
Ellen Feldman Ornato, Founding Partner, Bolder Company Inc.
Jenny Drescher, Founding Partner, Bolder Company Inc.

The Bolder Company is an ICCC alum

In this session with the Bolder Company, you’ll build your self-awareness and tune into some facets of emotional intelligence that will help you better navigate the intensity of our current business environment. This focus will support your ability to manage yourself, your teams, and your relationships with clients & vendors.

Strategies and Skills for Business Negotiations (2018)
Moshe Cohen, President and Founder of The Negotiating Table

Negotiations are an integral part of business and this workshop provides strategies and skills for competitive and collaborative negotiations that occur in business and in the workplace. If you are looking to further develop your negotiation skills, watch Moshe’s second webinar on negotiation below.

Business Negotiation and Influencing Skills (2019)
Moshe Cohen, President and Founder of The Negotiating Table

Moshe expands on the negotiation skills covered in his first webinar, by focusing influencing skills and concepts that will help you manage negotiation, internally and externally, more effectively.

Taking your Business to New Heights: Strategies for Successful Talent Management (2019)
Terri Hartwell Easter, Founder, T.H. Easter Consulting.

Terri is also an ICCC alum.

Terri Hartwell Easter, an ICCC alum, presents ways to maximize success in hiring and managing the right people for your business while avoiding the pitfalls that can be both distracting and hugely expensive for your small business.

The Cooperative Advantage: Building Culture & Preparing for What’s Next (2019)
Carolyn Edsell-Vetter, Cooperative Business Support Officer, The Cooperative Fund of New England.

Carolyn is also an ICCC alum.

Carolyn Edsell-Vetter presents a “Co-op Crash Course.” This webinar will discuss the types and benefits of worker cooperatives and includes case studies from across the country.

Good Jobs That Work For The Bottom Line (2019)
Kristy Henrich, Social Impact Analyst at Pacific Community Ventures, and Paola Castellanos, Program Manager at Pacific Community Ventures

This webinar will discuss Pacific Community Ventures’ new Good Jobs, Good Business toolkit. The goal of the toolkit is to remove the guesswork from the “how to” of creating good jobs and strengthening your business to implementing changes that improve retention rates and increase revenues while adding health and retirement benefits at the same time.

Leveraging Opportunities

Turning Business Disadvantages to Advantages Webinar
Monday, November 15th at 2pm ET
Dr. Jose Perez, Founder & CEO, Roads Consulting Group

Listen in on experienced business owner and consultant on how to turn your business’ disadvantages to advantages to scale your operations. Learn to see the opportunities to grow where others might see an issue or a disadvantage.
This webinar will show you how to do business with corporations and municipalities as a Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) or Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), by identifying disadvantages that work to your benefit and result in advantages. Finally, this webinar will guide you on how to turn those disadvantages into an actual contract or business with a corporation, municipality, or even a competitor.

Using Your Business as a Force for Good: B Corp Certifications
Wednesday, September 15, 2021 at 1pm-2pm EST
Jenn Richey Nicholas, CEO & Partner, Pixel Parlor

After a tumultuous year of political turmoil, looming climate change, and growing consumer dissatisfaction it has never been more important than now to use your business as a force for good. By becoming a B Corp, your business can be a vehicle for positive change, human engagement, and amplified impact. Jenn Richey Nicholas built her business into a B Corp in 2014 and has since been working with mission-based businesses and not-for-profits to increase their positive impact, engage with their communities and build a loyal group of clients and collaborators.

How Worker Ownership Can Drive Business Growth
Wednesday, June 23, 2021 at 2pm-3pm EST
Paul Bindel, Director of Cooperative Development, Center for Community Wealth Building

Worker ownership is often touted as a succession-planning tool for legacy businesses and exiting business owners, but how can it benefit early-stage and growth-stage companies? This workshop will focus on worker-centered practices and design considerations that younger companies have incorporated to drive growth and innovation. We’ll start by examining the most common forms of employee ownership in the US, as well as newer emerging forms. From there, we’ll discuss the choices that business founders have made to align operations, entity structure and culture with their workers to ultimately better serve their customers. We’ll also acknowledge common challenges and pitfalls to avoid while creating a company that incorporates workers as greater stakeholders.

Benefits of Diverse Business Certification
Wednesday, April 14, 2021 at 3pm-4pm EST
Dr. Janice Greene, PhD., President and CEO, Women’s Business Enterprise Council-Pacific will conduct this webinar.

Learn about the importance and value of diversity certification for your business. This webinar will explain the benefits of diversity certification, how to become certified, and how to grow your business. Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask questions and receive expert advice.

The New Rollout of PPP: What You Need to Know
Thursday, January 21, 2021 from 4-5pm ET.

After months of waiting for much-needed relief, small businesses are finally getting revived support from the federal government. The Small Business Administration has authorized up to $284 billion in new funds for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which will re-open the week of January 11th through certain community financial institutions (CFIs).
Join ICIC, Small Business Majority, and our CDFI partners on January 21st for a free webinar to learn more about key updates in the new rollout of PPP, updated eligibility guidelines, and when your small business may be eligible to apply.

Topics include:

  • PPP reauthorization and important changes
  • Advance grants through the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) Program
  • SBA Debt Relief Program
  • Additional policies and resources for small businesses

The Art of Long-Term Care Planning
Wednesday, September 30, 2020 at 3pm – 4pm EST
Araba Bolton, Principal, Bolton Financial LLC and Paul Collard, Long Term Care Consultant, New York Life

A session designed to help you understand Long-Term Care, explore your options and come up with a solution that best suits you. It is important to understand how having a long-term care plan can benefit and protect your loved ones while you build and grow your business

Greater Boston COVID-19 Resources for Small Businesses
Friday, April 4, 2020, 4:30pm-5:30pm ET
City of Boston’s Office of Small Business Development, Berkshire Bank, the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts, and CommonWealth Kitchen

This webinar will cover updates and resources related to COVID-19 and policy recommendations to bolster small business owners right now in Boston.

Obtaining and Leveraging Certifications
Tuesday, October 29, 2019, 3pm-4pm ET
Laura Taylor, Vice President, WBENC Partner Network Planning and OperationsFarad Ali, Vice President, National Minority Supplier Development Council; Jack Ochoa, Founder & CEO, Veterans Chamber of Commerce.

Certifications are an incredible asset as one of the tools to enable you in scaling your business. This webinar will teach you how to leverage certifications and the strategic advantages of becoming certified.

6 Innovative Tricks for Networking at Conferences
Thursday, October 17, 2019, 2pm – 3pm ET
Keisha Mabry, Author, Speaker, and Networking expert.

Keisha is also an ICCC alum.

Keisha Mabry will be sharing six innovative tips, tools and tidbits you can use to maximize connections at every event. Her book “heyFRIEND: 100 Ways to Connect with 100 People in 100 Days” is the ultimate guide to teaching everyone how to curate and cultivate relationships every single day.

Leveraging Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs
Friday, February 1, 2019, 12pm-1pm ET
Betty Francisco, General Counsel, Compass Working Capital and Co-Founder, Latina Circle and Amplify Latinx

This webinar will cover how to leverage opportunities specifically for female entrepreneurs through gaining access to programs and resources and tapping into capital networks for women and mentorship opportunities.

Connecting with and Leveraging Group Purchasing Organizations
Wednesday, August 28, 2019, 12pm-1pm ET
This webinar will be conducted by several Vizient employees.

This webinar will discuss Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) and how GPOs can be a part of your strategic process in scaling your business.


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