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Technical Questions

Why am I seeing modules in Spanish?

When you log onto the Digital Learning Platform, you should be able to see the names and titles of all modules in both English and Spanish. We do not assign any participants exclusively Spanish or English content and we’ve allowed for both options to be available to all participants according to their language preference. We’ve added multiple languages to the Digital Learning Platform for ease of access and to reflect the diversity of our participants and their primary languages. Those modules in black are in English, the modules in light gray are in Spanish. Select courses in your preferred language and submit your responses in the corresponding language. NOTE: No additional credit is awarded for completing the same course in multiple languages.

What should I do if I forgot my password?

If you can’t remember your password, select “Reset My Password” underneath the login window. The email with your password reset link will be sent to the email you have registered with the program. If you are still not receiving your reset password link or are experiencing continued issues with your password, contact us at

How do I access the Webinars?

The Webinars are located in a ribbon to the right of the module list on the homepage. If you’ve successfully navigated to the webinars page but are having trouble accessing a specific webinar, email us at with the title of the webinar you aren’t able to access.

Why hasn't my Progress Tracker updated?

The progress tracker takes 24 hours to update. If it has been more than 24 hours and your tracker does not accurately reflect the courses you’ve completed, notify the Digital Learning Team using the platform message system. NOTE: In order to facilitate responding to your question, please include the specific modules you’ve completed to better help our team assist you.

Grading Questions

How long does grading take?

Grading will take roughly one week. Please remember, however, all grading is done manually and therefore on occasion reviewing some materials may take more time. You are encouraged to continue working on other courses while waiting for your assignments to be graded!

How can I view my grade and feedback from ICCC Team?

1. Click in the course and see where it says “For Credit”
2. Click: “For Credit” and then click “Instructor Reply”
3. After clicking “Instructor Reply” you should see the grade

Why didn’t I pass the course?

If you received a “Did-Not-Pass” from us, either:

a) The assignment submitted was for a different course
b) More than one assignment was submitted for the same course
c) The assignment submitted was incomplete or blank
d) The assignment didn’t reflect the expectations stipulated in the module

What happens if I don’t pass an assignment? Can I redo the assignment?

Yes! Once you’ve received your grade and feedback from the instructor, you will have the option to submit the assignment once again. Follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Home Page (Shortcut: Click the ICIC icon on the top left of the screen)
2. Click on “Courses Not Passed”
3. Select the Course you did not pass
4. Select “Reupload Document” and upload your response

Program Questions

Why have the day(s) I attended for the Opening Seminar not been awarded credit on the Progress Tracker?

Send the Digital Learning Team a message with the name of the cohort you attended and we’ll connect with the Cohort Lead for your Seminar and double check the credit with them. The Team will then follow up once attendance has been confirmed and your credits have been changed to accurately reflect your hours of participation.

Do I have to do all of the content on the platform?

No. We recommend you complete at least one pillar.

Why ICCC? What’s the benefit of Digital Learning?

Our digital learning platform is a way for you to dive deeper into the presentations you’ve heard during your cohort’s Opening Seminar; expand your education, and create deliverables for your company or organization. The different courses give you action items to think about, including:  identifying the points you need to work on in your business, identifying areas you want to work on with your General Business or Capital coach, and focusing the content from the webinars to address your specific needs. The four key pillars on the digital platform are strategy, marketing, talent management, and finance; each of these pillars has different components and assignments for you to complete.

What if my question isn’t on here?

If your question isn’t on this FAQ, please email the Digital Learning Team at and leave a detailed message regarding your question and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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