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Inner City Capital Connections

ICCC is returning to Washington, DC for the third year in 2020 thanks to our lead sponsor, the Catholic University of America. Washington, DC is home to 175 ICCC alumni, and since their participation they have averaged 31% growth in revenue, created 628 jobs, and raised $15M in capital.

For questions regarding the 2020 Washington, DC cohort, reach out directly to Maria Tata, Senior Program Coordinator, at (617) 238-3019 or mtata@icic.org.

“I’m very glad I attend. [I gained] some really powerful information that will help shape my business venture. I look forward to continuing my education through ICCC.”

Zoweh Commercial Cleaning Group, 2019 ICCC Washington, DC Participant

2020 Washington, DC Recruitment Schedule

  • Capital Access Expo: Saturday, February 22nd
  • Nomination Deadline: Friday, July 17th
  • Application Deadline: Friday, August 14th
  • Opening Seminar: Wednesday, September 23rd

Nomination Timeline

Nominate for the 2020 Washington DC Cohort

ICCC has created the 2020 Washington DC Nominator Process Packet to best assist you through the nomination process. It outlines the various ways you can get involved as a nominator, the nomination and application timelines, best practices, and FAQs.

You can nominate business owners using our online Nomination Form, or by uploading your nominations to the ICCC Nomination Template and emailing it to iccc@icic.org by Friday, July 17th. For questions about the nomination process, contact Maria Tata (617) 238-3019 or mtata@icic.org.

Apply for the 2020 Washington DC Cohort

Are you a business owner from Washington DC looking to build capacity, get access to capital and contracts, and hire more employees? Then apply to participate in ICCC today! The application deadline is Friday, August 14th.

The next step after completing the application is to complete a phone interview with ICCC. For questions about the application process, contact Maria Tata at (617) 238-3019 or mtata@icic.org.

“[ICCC] helped me find people who were similar to me in my line of business and who have had some of the struggles or concerns that I’ve had, and being able to really build a relationship with them.”

JLAN Solutions, 2017 ICCC Washington, DC Participant

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