Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions provides innovation, communication, safety, and transformation through technology. For the first 26 years, Premier Wireless operated from a retail store in Houston, TX. Four years ago, it closed the store to focus solely on B2B, targeting markets in the education and public safety sectors. They’ve since launched two flagship solutions: ConnectED Bus and Connecting People to Resources. The ConnectED Bus offers bus Wi-Fi for students, real-time camera access, GPS, and student tracking. Connect People aids disenfranchised groups, including homeless individuals and veterans, by offering devices, connectivity, and essential resources like food and shelter. Committed to bridging the digital divide, Premier Wireless collaborates with school districts nationwide, ensuring under-resourced students have tech access both in class and at home. By partnering with local and state organizations, like libraries, they provide transformative technology to vulnerable populations, from homeless students to recently incarcerated individuals.

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