ER2 helps large organizations with seamless new technology hardware installation, efficient equipment management, and zero-waste disposal. ER2 was founded with a clear mission: to embrace and empower the uniqueness of clients, team members, the local community, and the environment. ER2’s unique business model enables the donation of thousands of computers to under-resourced communities, working towards reducing the digital divide. ER2 is committed to affecting positive change within the local community through technology donations. It focuses on bridging the digital divide by providing refurbished technology resources to underserved communities. End-of-life computers are professionally refurbished and re-distributed through ER2’s charitable programs. The digital divide, often exacerbated by socioeconomic disparities, underscores the importance of the company’s efforts in enhancing accessibility to technology. By donating thousands of laptops to under-resourced individuals, ER2 hopes to not only eliminate this divide but also to empower individuals to navigate the modern digital landscape with confidence and competence.

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