Clementine’s Naughty and Nice Ice Cream is a St. Louis-based micro creamery offering naughty (alcohol-infused), nice (grass-grazed milk) and vegan (non-dairy) ice cream flavors with eight brick-and-mortar shop locations, as well as a nationwide shipping program. Clementine’s was founded by Tamara Keefe in 2014 to foster moments of connection by providing a unique and elevated ice cream experience. In 2022, Clementine’s made the intentional decision to relocate the production facility and headquarters to North St. Louis City in the Baden neighborhood. The motivation for moving to Baden, which is one of the poorest zip codes in Missouri, was to revitalize an underprivileged community by providing employment opportunities and, hopefully, attracting other businesses to invest in the area. It will impart growth and success into the neighborhood as it expands.

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