National Conference

2018 Inner City Capital Connections National Conference

The National Conference is the culmination of the Inner City Capital Connections (ICCC) program year. It provides opportunities to get inspired, continue your development, sharpen your capital pitch, and network with other small business owners from across the country.

Photos from the 2018 National Conference


Honing & Owning Your Capital Pitch

Companies that have attended the conference in the past and were looking to raise capital have reported extraordinary rates of success. Of these companies, 70% went on to raise capital within the year and 80% within two years.

At this year’s conference, there will be multiple “kinder/gentler shark tank” sessions, where you will get to see your peers pitch and get immediate feedback from a panel of experienced capital providers. You can meet one-on-one with a capital provider and receive individual feedback on your pitch.

Building Capacity, Building Network

Our speakers, lecturers, and coaches draw on years of hands-on experience to provide practical advice, and they are eager to help you grow your business. You will also hear from alumni on how they took advantage of the program to accelerate their growth and scale up their company.

With hundreds of growth-oriented businesses in attendance, the conference, along with the welcome reception, presents a unique opportunity to forge strategic alliances with capital providers, mentors, and potential partners, suppliers, or clients.






The National Conference has been a game-changer for prior classes. Watch our alumna, Cloud Morrison, owner of Red Cloud, talk about how the conference helped her redefine her company’s strategic position and, in turn, her capital pitch. Like Cloud, you will walk away from the conference with multiple actionable ideas to turbocharge your business and bring good jobs and prosperity to America’s Inner Cities.

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