Business Coaching

One of the fundamental components of the ICCC program is Business Coaching. Thanks to our relationship with a wide number of resource partners, ICCC Coaching can take a number of forms and durations and thus help to prepare you to raise growth capital, address your business’s specific needs and challenges and help you achieve sustainable growth.

Participants of our 2018 ICCC cohort will be individually matched with a business coach according to their specific coaching needs. Coaching will begin in October.

How can I be eligible for coaching?

  1. Attend an ICCC Opening Seminar
  2. Complete the ICCC Coaching Survey (all 2018 participants who attend an Opening Seminar will receive a link to the survey via email)
  3. Watch the ICCC Coaching Preparation Webinar. This webinar will provide an overview of what to expect and what makes for a successful coaching relationship. You can either watch the live or recorded version of the webinar. The Coaching Preparation Webinar will stream live at the following times:

Fri, Oct 12, 2018 at 12:00 – 12:30PM EDT. Please register here for this webinar

Wed, Oct 17, 2018 at 3:00 – 3:30 PM EDT. Please register here for this webinar

The two sessions will cover the same material, so you only need to watch one of them. Please register for the webinar whether you are watching it live or recorded.

Additionally, if you are actively seeking capital and would like to be eligible for capital pitch coaching with one of our capital provider partners, you must also submit a pitch deck prior to being matched with your coach. Please refer to this pitch deck template as a guide. If you would like to see an example pitch deck by one of our ICCC alums, please email to request it.

Please submit your pitch deck to by October 29, 2018. You only have to submit a pitch deck if you want to receive capital pitch coaching.

Once you complete the above steps, we will connect you with your business coach. If you have any questions about coaching, please feel free to reach out to or call 617-238-3034.

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