Vi Mai

In her role as Deputy Director of Data Strategy & Innovation (DSI), Vi oversees the delivery of the Inner City 100 award and leads efforts to create a national recruitment strategy and optimize data and processes at ICIC. She also plays a critical role in the development of new initiatives, including Distance Learning and ILAB. Prior to transitioning to the DSI team, she led recruitment for Inner City Capital Connections cohorts in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania and data collection and analysis for that program.

Before joining ICIC in 2018, Vi interned at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, an organization that promotes effective and sustainable philanthropy. There she participated in a research project on inequitable public school funding and the achievement gap. As part of her academic training, Vi studied abroad in Havana and conducted research on the fraught relationship between health and politics in Cuba.

Vi holds a B.A. in International Relations and Latin American & Caribbean Studies with honors from Brown University. She sits on the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce’s City Awake Advisory Board, Brown and Brown University’s Asian/Asian American Alumni Alliance’s Executive Board.

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