Washington, DC

Inner City Capital Connections

ICCC is returning to Washington, DC for the second year in 2019 thanks to our lead sponsor, the Catholic University of America. Washington, DC is home to 86 ICCC alumni, and since their participation they have averaged 17% growth in revenue, created 128 jobs, and raised $4.2M in capital.

Our goal is to recruit and support small- and medium-sized businesses of all diverse backgrounds. We plan to do so by partnering with organizations that work with:

  • Minority-owned businesses
  • Women-owned businesses
  • LGBTQ-owned businesses
  • Immigrant-owned businesses
  • Veteran-owned businesses
  • Disadvantaged business enterprises (DBEs)

For questions regarding the 2019 Washington, DC cohort, reach out directly to Nate Root, Senior Program Coordinator, at (617) 238-3030 or nroot@icic.org.

“[ICCC] helped me find people who were similar to me in my line of business and who have had some of the struggles or concerns that I’ve had, and being able to really build a relationship with them.” JLAN Solutions, 2017 ICCC Washington, DC Participant2019 Recruitment Schedule

Kick-Off Breakfast: Tuesday, February 5

Nomination Deadline: Friday, August 16

Opening Seminar: Wednesday, September 18

Nomination Timeline

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“[ICCC] helped me to ‘refocus’ my energy and resources towards steps for growth.” Adrian Harpool Associates, 2018 ICCC Baltimore Participant



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