Small Business Resource Center

Learn something new from one of our experts, explore our research on the power of small business, and get to know the entrepreneurs who continue to inspire us every day!

At ICIC, we work year-round to promote economic prosperity in inner cities by supporting the small businesses that create jobs, income, and wealth for local residents. Learn more about our programs for small businesses on our Urban Business Initiatives page.

Webinars for CEOs

Learn something new from our expert professionals and academic partners! Our webinars are designed to help CEOs tackle their biggest challenges.

Research on Small Business Job Creation

Our research provides compelling evidence that small businesses rival, and often exceed, the impact of large businesses when it comes to job creation! The infographic below illustrates how adding just over one new job per small business could eliminate inner city unemployment. Click the links below to learn more.

Partners on the Ground

See what one of our national partners, Kaiser Permanente, is doing on the ground to help small businesses grow:

WATCH: ICIC’s partnership with Kaiser Permanente has helped Uncle Darrow’s Catering bring positive change to their community. View More

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