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Past Inner City Insights Issues

April 2019: Opportunity Zones

March 2019: Celebrating Women’s History Month

February 2019: Celebrating Black History Month

January 2019: Organizations Creating Economic Opportunity by Supporting Diverse Entrepreneurs

December 2018: Helping Entrepreneurs of Color Grow their Business

November 2018: Read the ICCC Impact Report!

October 2018: Congratulations Inner City 100 Winners

August 2018: New Program Launch: Inner City Alumni Network (ICAN)

July 2018: WATCH: Kaiser Permanente and ICIC partner to create healthy businesses

June 2018: Introducing ICIC’s new Director of Research, Howard Wial

May 2018: What is Small Business Week and Why Should I Support it?

April 2018: Deval Patrick and Richelieu Dennis Have Proven You Don’t Have to Trade Return for Impact

March 2018: Twelve Organizations Driving More Inclusive Entrepreneurial Systems

February 2018: Small business forward advances a data-driven approach for entrepreneurial support

January 2018: We look back at our favorite Inner City Insights moments of 2017

November 2017: With an unwavering focus on impact, one pioneering entrepreneur brings growth to his company and community

October 2017: How one Harvard professor is sharing his knowledge with inner city business owners

September 2017: The plantain shop that grew into a pillar of the Roxbury community

August 2017: Santander leverages Boston’s strengths to tackle economic inclusivity

July 2017: Building Strong Clusters for Strong Urban Economies

June 2017: The Best Resource for Growing Your Small Business Might be Right Around the Corner

May 2017: The critical role small businesses play in inner city revitalization

April 2017: How small businesses are leading Chicago’s economic renaissance in the inner city

March 2017: The Inner City 100 Conference and Awards leads to a friendship and then a $25 million joint venture

February 2017: New research: Resilient Cities Require Resilient Food Systems

January 2017: The big impact of Small Business Forward grantees

December 2016: Catalyzing a National Conversation: #AccelerateInclusivity

November 2016: Small businesses, big impact – especially on urban unemployment

August 2016: Benchmarking Performance of High-Tech Incubators and Accelerators

July 2016: In America’s Birthplace, Is Innovation Benefitting the Inner City?

June 2016: New Research: Strategies To Create More Inclusive High-Tech Incubators and Accelerators

May 2016: Introducing the new

April 2016: ICIC Hosts SBA Discussion in Dudley Square

March 2016: Leveraging Transit Investment For Inclusive Business Growth In Boston’s Fairmount Indigo Corridor

February 2016: Despite Rhetoric, Poverty Remains a Stronger Force Than Gentrification

January 2016: Models for Cross-Border Collaboration

November-December 2015: ICIC and The Rockefeller Foundation to Kick off Food Resilience Research

October-November 2015: Taking a Closer Look at This Year’s Inner City 100 Winners

September-October 2015: Honoring the Brightest in Fast-Growing Urban Business

August-September 2015: ICIC and Partners Work to Expand Businesses on Boston’s Fairmount-Indigo Corridor

July-August 2015: Technology Helps to Level the Playing Field for Inner City Small Businesses

June-July 2015: Accelerating Cluster Growth: A Playbook for City Leaders

May 2015: Resilient Food Systems, Resilient Cities

April 2015: A Compass for Navigating the Capital Landscape

March 2015: Purpose Built Helps Revitalize Struggling Atlanta Neighborhood

February 2015: Incubators Grow NYC’s Fashion Cluster

January 2015: Creating an Anchored Local Economy in Newark

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