Reporting on What Works

We continue to expand the tool kit for city leaders and economic development professionals by connecting them to what’s working—the most effective strategies and best practices on inner city economic development from across the country—through our robust communications platform. Cities across the country have a lot to be proud of. We want to share their successful initiatives as broadly as possible to transform all inner cities.

Every other year we host our national Inner City Economic Summit, which convenes thought leaders, policy makers and business leaders to discuss leading-edge research and practice in urban economic development and revitalization. Our next forum will be held in 2017.

Our case studies highlight innovative projects from across the U.S. that are uniting public, private and nonprofit sectors to accommodate growth and ignite economic development in our inner cities. They are one of our most popular resources.

Our blog provides commentary from leaders and practitioners from both within and outside of ICIC on issues relevant to our research and advisory practice and to our urban business initiatives.

Interested in visual information? Our engaging Inner City in Focus infographic series provides graphic representations of our leading-edge research.

Our monthly newsletter provides our followers with a roundup of the month’s What Works highlights and news about ICIC’s activities. Register here to stay informed!

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