Kathleen O’Shea

As a senior research analyst at ICIC, Kathleen is responsible for managing a diverse portfolio of engagements directed at inner city economic growth. She is the lead on ICIC’s partnership with JPMorgan Chase on their Small Business Forward initiative, which includes evaluating entrepreneurial support organizations across the country. Kathleen also directly supports all of ICIC’s anchor initiatives by managing advisory projects and tracking urban anchor strategies nationally. She is a lead author on ICIC publications and provides content for ICIC’s robust communication platform.

Prior to joining ICIC, Kathleen worked at The American City Coalition, a Boston nonprofit working to revitalize distressed urban neighborhoods, where she supported a public committee that was tasked with reviewing development projects in Lower Roxbury. She also worked at Boston College’s Corcoran Center for Real Estate and Urban Action, where she helped to develop the initial proposal for an anchor strategy at Boston College. Kathleen holds a Bachelor’s degree from Boston College.

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