Austin Nijhuis

Austin is a senior research analyst at ICIC where he is responsible for synthesizing, analyzing, and mapping demographic and socio-economic data to understand key trends impacting inner city, central city, and regional firms, economies, and land use. He currently provides support for a number of research and advisory projects at ICIC. Austin has multiple years of research experience working on a variety of economic, environmental, and land use projects.

Prior to joining ICIC, Austin worked as a researcher at Boston College where he analyzed environmental data, produced award winning GIS maps, and presented his work both regionally and internationally. Austin holds a B.S. in Economics and Geology from Tulane University where he worked with leading scientists and local nonprofit organizations to rebuild the city of New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. He completed an M.S. in Geology at Boston College with a thesis that incorporated cutting-edge quantitative modeling and GIS mapping. Austin brings significant experience in analyzing and mapping demographic and socio-economic data to understand urban economies.

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